A palestra foi decepcionante [phrasal verb]

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A palestra foi decepcionante [phrasal verb]

Um aluno estava falando sobre a palestra que o novo presidente dos Estados Unidos Barack Obama deu em sua cerimônia de posse e  disse: "His speech was a deception." Meu aluno quis dizer que a palestra foi uma "decepção" -  isto é, não correspondeu às expectativas. Só que em inglês "deception" significa uma "enganação/mentira", uma "indução a erro"  - não é o mesmo que a palavra "decepção" em português.

Como você diria que a palestra do Presidente Obama foi uma decepção - no sentido de não corresponder às expectativas - em inglês?

Resposta: Presidente Obama's inauguration speech was a real let-down.

(Não estou dizendo que essa é a minha opinião. Só estou compartilhando isso para fins didáticos.)

O que significa o phrasal verb ‘let down' Como se diz “let down" em português? Qual é a tradução de "let down"? What does "let down"" mean? What is the meaning of the phrasal verb "let down"?

  • let down somebody or let somebody down [phrasal verb] = to disappoint someone by failing to do what you agreed to do or what you were expected to do = desapontar, decepcionar
  • a letdown [substantivo] = something which is not as good as you thought it would be = uma decepção

Phrasal Verb:

I promised to go to the party with Jane, and I can't let her down.

Many farmers feel the government has let them down badly in the negotiations.


The holiday was a real letdown - the hotel was dirty and it rained all week. [Geralmente se usa o substantivo "letdown" no singular - a letdown]]
(from Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs)

What has been a (real) letdown to you? Please write about it below.

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12 comments “A palestra foi decepcionante [phrasal verb]”

Palmeiras is my favorite team. This weekend the Plameiras was a letdown. It is the last place in the championship. I’m embarrassed.

You’re right about that, PC! What a letdown! 🙁 Let’s hope they do better on Wednesday!

Tim, take a look, “My friend let me down yesterday, because he’s a letdown person”. Is it correct?

Hello, Eduardo! Thank you for your question. Actually, we don’t usually use “let down” as an adjective. So it is “my friend is a real letdown” or “my friend let me down”, not “my friend is a letdown person”.

My computer is a letdown. I need one new.

Yeah, these computers can really let us down at times!

Yesterday I asked for a pretty man: Do you want to be my boyfriend? He answer no.
This was a letdown.

Yes, Maria, I’m sure it was. But it’s his loss. 🙂

The brazilian politics always let me down. What a shame!

Yes, unfortunately, most politicians all over the world do. What a shame! 🙁

I don’t gonna waste else my time… the Both politics and corruption don’t let me down else, because it already is a chronic desease in countries such as Brazil… Hugs, Jackson

That’s right. If you don’t set your expectations so high you won’t be let down. 🙂