Inglês Todos os Dias #141: ‘Active Recall’ para dominar inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #141: ‘Active Recall’ para dominar inglês

Além de aprender a usar o verbo recall, vamos conversar sobre a melhor maneira de dominar inglês e ter vocabulário na ponta da língua com "active recall"!


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Do you recall how to say 'aparecer' in English?
You should recall how to say 'aparecer' in English.
I don't recall seeing her.
I don't recall learning this.
Remember to lock the door.
Can you recall what he said?
I don't recall what he said.
If I recall correctly, she wasn't here.
Why weren't you here? I don't recall seeing you in class!
You familiarize yourself with these words.
"active recall"
"passive knowledge"
You can recall that expression.
I don't recall who taught me this.



Inglês Todos os Dias #133: ‘Dar as caras/aparecer’ em inglês


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Let's practice! Complete the following sentence:

I don't recall __________________________ .

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40 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #141: ‘Active Recall’ para dominar inglês”

After accident my cousin doesn’t recall his friends, please, tell him show up, I think will be good for him..

It isn’t real, only example..

Did he hit his head? 🙂

I don’t recall the thing i did when i was 5 or 6 years old.

I recall a few things when I was that age; but it’s because our family traveled a lot.

I don’t recall what I had in my breakfast in this morning “cause” I’m getting old.

I can recall what I had! Bread and coffee! I love bread and coffee! 🙂

I don’t recall who said this maybe my teacher.

Are you sure it wasn’t I?

I didn´t recalled to put the garbage outside last night.

Hello, Massilon. In this case, it is best to use “remember”; OK?

“I didn’t remember to put the garbage out…”

I don’t recall what I done yesterday.

It must have been a regular day. 🙂

I don`t recall seing her

Did she miss maybe? 🙂

Hey Tim! I downloaded the app `cram`. I dont`recall any english teacher giving this tip. Thank you 🙂

Congratulations! It’s a great app! I hope you like it!

I don’t recall how to say “aparecer” in English. My bad! 🙁
I think that to have an “active recall”,first, you must have a “knowledge recall”, is it?

We would call the first way “passive review”.

I use the “Anki”. You know?

Yes, I’ve heard of it. Do you like it? Does it use the Leitner Memorization System?

I don’t recall eating your chocolate cake, sorry!

What is that chocolate all over your face?

Olá professor, você me acompanha todos os dias, com os podcasts, no caminho do trabalho. Muito bom!!!!

How cool! I hope your enjoy your drive with “me”! 🙂

Hi Tim, once more here I am, showing up on the comments. In my opinion repeating the exercises through flashcards with audio helps me a lot recall a lot of words, expressions and phrasal verbs.

That’s true, Sergio! Keep it up!

I don’t recall what I ate last night.

I do! It was a type of “feijoada”. And it gave me nightmares all night! 🙂

Hi all,

isn’t “remind” also for “lembrar / remembering” something? is it synonymous of remember?

We’ll have to do another podcast about that. You remind SOMEONE to do SOMETHING.

thanks for replying, Tim

Hi Tim !
I don’t recall the last time I showed up here 😀 

Have a great day! bye

I’m glad you showed up now, though!

I don’t recall many expressions and words that I learned HERE

I love to study English and talk with friends in this language. But when the conversation happens, i don’t recall all the expressions that i studied before. 🙁

Hello, Tim!

I don’t recall why not run today!

Why you don’t recall the word: just show up?
You need familiarize yourself with these words, don’t
having passive knowledge, and yet recall active.

I don’t recall who called me yesterday.

My memory is not so good. I don’t even recall what I eat in lunch yesterday. I try to memorize new words and expressions but when I need to use them I can recall them.

Hi Tim, as always your podcasts are excelent and much more for me that am entering the translation universe. Tks a lot!

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