TÃO lindo | As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #38

TÃO lindo | As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #38

Veja uma foto do Susquehanna Valley, o nosso hometown, e aprenda a usar o advérbio so para dizer que um lugar é tão lindo no mini-podcast de hoje!

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Our hometown here in the United States is so beautiful!
Susquehanna Valley
so beautiful
too beautiful
It’s too dark.
too fun
so fun
My classes are so interesting.
My classes are so boring.
My mother is so kind.
It’s so good to see you there!

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Use o advérbio so em uma sentença no setor de comentários abaixo.

_________ is/are so ___________ !

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My wife is so good cook that I’m getting so fat 

I feel your pain! 😀

I am so sad and so ashamed about the scenery Brasilian !

Sorry, Brazilian  scenery. 

My wife is so beautiful.

Your podcasts are so useful!!!! I like so much listen to you!!!!

Tim your podcast is so worderfull for improve our English. I´ve been studied so much and learning more. Someday I hope speak better your language as well.

Best regards for all.

Thank you, Cristiano! And keep up the good work!

Hi Everyone !
These podcasts are so useful, and I´m so glad fo it , conglatulations !
Thanks so much for having me Here ! Have Everyone a Wonderful Week !

Thank YOU for participating here, Ricardo!

My family are not too big, but i love them so much. Is it correct?

Yes, but you usually say “My family *IS* not too big…”

Hi tim. Your podcasts are so good. Thank you.

Thank you, Deyvson!

Your podcast so cool !

Thank you, Loanda!

My job is so boring

My wife said: Thank you for so beatiful flowers.

Hi Tim!

All the lesson are so amazing, thanks!

Your hometown is very beautiful. I would like to know what motivated your family to live in brazil.

Your country and culture are so interesting!

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