Inglês Natural #11: Afinal | Inglês Todos os Dias #356

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Inglês Natural #11: Afinal | Inglês Todos os Dias #356

Eu sei que você vai gostar da dica de hoje, afinal, você gosta de aprender "discourse markers" para deixar o seu inglês mais natural - e justamente hoje vamos aprender a dizer 'afinal' em inglês! 😀

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You shouldn't be so hard on yourself; after all, it isn't easy to learn a foreign language.
You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.
after all
After all, it isn't easy to learn a foreign language.
I do like David; after all, he is my brother.
She shouldn't be working so hard - she is 70, after all.
I'm not really ambitious; after all, money isn't everything.
After all, it's not a joking matter.
I don't know why you are so concerned; it isn't your problem, after all.
Prisoners should be treated with respect - they are humans, after all.
After all, you are a good student


Clique AQUI.



 Complete the following sentence in the comments section below.

____________________; after all, ________________________ .

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48 comments “Inglês Natural #11: Afinal | Inglês Todos os Dias #356”

After all, you are a good student

That’s true!

Yes, you are!

We should never stop, after all life goes on…

Yes, let’s keep on keeping on!

I should buy a pizza; after all, I am hungry now.

Good idea!

They should like us; after all, we are a good friends!

And we do! 😀

It is necessary live every day with intesity, after all, the next day belong only to God.

Yes, each day is a special gift from God!

I’m speaking English much better now, after all, I did the course “Como falar inglês como um nativo em 21 dias”. Thank you, David and Tim!
(observação: seria melhor/correto dizer “I got the course” ou “I took the course”?)

Hello, Karla! You said it correctly. You can say “did the course” or “took the course”, both are OK; but not “got the course” (unless are saying you purchased it). I am so glad you enjoyed the course; after all, it was developed to help you speak and understand English as it is spoken in the real world.

You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself; after all, it isn’t easy to play guitar.

You’re right. It isn’t easy to learn any instrument. It takes a lot of practice and determination.

Don’t worry, after all, everythings is gone to be ok.

That’s true! So keep your chin up!

it mustn’t be easy to live in a foreign country, after all nobody knows you and you have to get used with their habits.

That’s true.

I shouldn’t be worry, after all, for master English I must study every day.

Yes, that’s true!

I want to learn English, after all is it language more spoken in worldwide

Yes, that’s true.

I must to go to a doctor, after all I have a earache.

I hope you feel better soon.

I really like listening your podcasts Tim, after all, you are the best teacher.

Thank you, Flávio! 😀

Hello Tim!
Comprei o curso, a operacao parece nao ter sido concluida, entrei em contato com voces por email mas nunca tive resposta. Por favor, pode verificar?



Olá, Mateus. Está tudo certo agora, correto? Espero que esteja aproveitando o curso. Um abraço, e falo com você lá!

I really want to obey Christ; after all, He is my Savior!

Amen for that!

I want to learn how to speak English; after all, it will possible to talk with people from other countrys.

Yes, it’s very important to learn English!

I should study English so hard, after all I have one of the best teacher English.

No excuses! 😀

I`m back to the home afher all is my home too

No one can keep you out! 😀

I’m back to home after all is my home too

Welcome back! 😀

I have to sleep now, after all, a have to wake up very early tomorrow.

Have a good night’s rest!

I’m trying to go to downtown but it’s impossible, after all, in Recife the carnaval began.

Better stay home! 😎

He ain’t heavy, after all he’s my brother

Bom, I really need study hard, after all, the Carnival fineshed!!

I study english, after all, is very important for my career.

I read the Bible every day, after all, is necessary for life.

We can stay home this afternoon; after all it’s raining hardly outside.

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