Ansioso para ver a vovó… | Inglês Todos os Dias #225

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Ansioso para ver a vovó… | Inglês Todos os Dias #225

O meu sobrinho Benjamin, de 4 anos, está ansioso para ver a vó dele (minha mãe) em Julho aqui nos Estados Unidos e mandou uma mensagem para ela no WhatsApp com a expressão looking forward to. Ouça a vozinha dele no mini-podcast de hoje!

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Hi, Grandma! I'm really looking forward to coming there! I miss you! Love you! Kisses!
looking forward to
Are you looking forward to traveling?
I'm looking forward to coming there.
I'm coming...
I'm going...
I'm looking forward to going there.
What are you looking forward to?


What are you looking forward to? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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44 comments “Ansioso para ver a vovó… | Inglês Todos os Dias #225”

Hello, I’m looking forward to seeing your answer, have a great day and enjoy your trip 

Thank you, Denilson!

I’m looking forward to traveling to Chicago to see my love!

When are you traveling?

I’m looking forward to getting the job.

Best wishes with your job hunt!

I am looking forward to the next podcast!

Coming soon!

I’m looking forward to the weekend to study English.

That’s the right attitude!

I’m looking forward to seeing you teacher, kkkkkk, I need to raise my English again!! Enjoy there my friend!

Thank you, Eduardo! Miss my dear students!

I’m looking forward to surf in the beach next weekend.

It’s already Wednesday!

Hi. I´m looking forward to speaking fluently English. But I need a patience because I should improve day by day. My problem is my anxiety!

Good podcast!

Have you all nice weekend!

Bye bye!

That’s true, Cristiano! Just take it a day at a time!

I´m looking forward to grand finals games of NBA. Warriors to beat Cavs 113×91

There’s another game tonight!

I´m looking forward to Lula goes to the jail.

Think that will happen?

Ótima ideia de podcast de diálogo com a avó! O trabalho do domineingles é sensacional! Obrigado e way to go guys!

Thank you!

Hi Everyone !
I Have been looking forward to speaking american english this year pretty well by site
Have Everyone a Beautiful Weekend !

Thank you, Ricardo!

Hi Tim! I looking forward to your new podcast.

Thank you, Brunno! There is one coming soon!

I`m looking forward to seeing Palmeiras champion of “Libertadores da América” and also of the World.

Fingers crossed! 😀

I looking forward to speaking English fluently.

Keep practicing!

I’m looking forward to seeing my australian grandchildren, who are arriving tomorow with my daughter to spend a month in Brazil ! Can’t wait !!! What a beautiful child is Benjamin ! Hope he can have a lovely time with his grandma !!!

Thank you, Laura! Have a great time with your grandchildren!

I’m looking forward to speaking english well.

You are getting there!

I’m looking foward to learning English.

You’re at the right place! 😀

I’m looking foward to visiting my daughter in Toronto.

Sounds exciting! Tell her I said hello!

i’m looking forward to traveling in July with my family.

Sounds fun!

I’m looking forward to my vactions in august, because I’m very tired.

I love vacations!

I’m looking forward to backing to Dubai! 

Do you live in Dubai?

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