‘Arrecadar muito dinheiro’ em inglês | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #12

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‘Arrecadar muito dinheiro’ em inglês | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #12

Achei que não precisava ensinar este phrasal verb com a letra r - arrecadar muito dinheiro em inglês - mas depois de ouvir as notícias hoje, vi que você precisa o conhecer também! Ouça o mini-podcast de hoje e acrescente mais este phrasal verb ao seu arsenal!

Esta dica faz parte do pacote "Phrasal Verbs com as Letras Q & R", CONFIRA AQUI!

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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

The newsest version of the Grinth is cleaning up at the box office. It raked in $66 million its first weekend. That makes it the biggest opening for any Christmas movie ever.
We rake the leaves.
Go rake the leaves in the yard.
rake in
A lot of computer engineers are raking it in.
My brother is raking it in.

Vídeo com notícia mencionada:


Cupom de Desconto: blackfriday (estendido até sábado, dia 01 de dezembro de 2018)


Complete the following sentence in the comments section below. 

___(Name/Profession)___ is/are really raking it in.

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20 comments “‘Arrecadar muito dinheiro’ em inglês | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #12”

Warren Buffett is really raking it in.

He is. 🙂

My Boss is raking it in. But he lives up to his success. 

And he gives you a job. 🙂

Lawyers who take care of financial crimes are raking it in currently.

Lawyers often make good money.

Apparently the new supervise will rake it in with this idea, I hope that I be right…

Will it generate a lot of money?

People who graduated in nanotechnology are raking it in it.

That’t the latest techonlogy!

Soccer players are raking it in.

Some of them are.

I am not, but my friend Tony is raking it in with his magic show 


my boss is raking it in with my job

You must be a good employee! 😀

Every day, I am really raking in the shit of my dog.

It makes good fertilizer! 😀

Many politicians are raking it in.

My boss raked it in the company last year, so, he decided to get news employees.

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