‘Arrecadar muito dinheiro’ em inglês | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #12

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‘Arrecadar muito dinheiro’ em inglês | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #12

Achei que não precisava ensinar este phrasal verb com a letra r - arrecadar muito dinheiro em inglês - mas depois de ouvir as notícias hoje, vi que você precisa o conhecer também! Ouça o mini-podcast de hoje e acrescente mais este phrasal verb ao seu arsenal!

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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

The newsest version of the Grinth is cleaning up at the box office. It raked in $66 million its first weekend. That makes it the biggest opening for any Christmas movie ever.
We rake the leaves.
Go rake the leaves in the yard.
rake in
A lot of computer engineers are raking it in.
My brother is raking it in.

Vídeo com notícia mencionada:


Cupom de Desconto: blackfriday (estendido até sábado, dia 01 de dezembro de 2018)


Complete the following sentence in the comments section below. 

___(Name/Profession)___ is/are really raking it in.

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24 comments “‘Arrecadar muito dinheiro’ em inglês | Phrasal Verb com a Letra R #12”

Warren Buffett is really raking it in.

He is. 🙂

My Boss is raking it in. But he lives up to his success. 

And he gives you a job. 🙂

Lawyers who take care of financial crimes are raking it in currently.

Lawyers often make good money.

Apparently the new supervise will rake it in with this idea, I hope that I be right…

Will it generate a lot of money?

People who graduated in nanotechnology are raking it in it.

That’t the latest techonlogy!

Soccer players are raking it in.

Some of them are.

I am not, but my friend Tony is raking it in with his magic show 


my boss is raking it in with my job

You must be a good employee! 😀

Every day, I am really raking in the shit of my dog.

It makes good fertilizer! 😀

Many politicians are raking it in.

They surely are!

Our company raked it in the last year, so, my boss decided to get new employees.

That’s good news!

Tim is raking it in with his English course!!haha

I wish i’ll rake in 1 million reais in the next five years!!!

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