Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Cast your vote!

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Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Cast your vote!

I've got to confess that I'm a political news  junkie, especially during election season.

  • political  news junkie = viciado em notícias sobre política
  • election  season = época de eleição

My  family  and  I  sent in our absentee ballots a few weeks ago.

  • sent in = enviamos (pelo correio)
  • absentee ballot   =votação/voto por correspondência

Tomorrow  my  family  and I will stay up until  the  wee  hours of the morning to see the results.

  •  stay up = ficar acordado
  • the  wee  hours  of  the morning = altas horas da madrugada

Just  for fun (and to help distract me a little  from  the news 🙂 ) Let's have a vote on our Facebook page. Let's see how many  Tim  and  Tammy Friends would vote for  Obama  and  how many would vote for Romney.

  •  just  for  fun  = só por diversão
  • how many = quantos
  •  would vote for = votariam por

Cast your vote! 🙂  I'll see you there!

  • cast one's vote = votar
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