Os caminhoneiros no Brasil estão tendo dificuldades para ‘make ends meet’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #302

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Os caminhoneiros no Brasil estão tendo dificuldades para ‘make ends meet’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #302

O meu tio escreveu de Virginia Beach querendo saber o que está se passando aqui no Brasil com a greve dos caminhoneiros, e eu tentei explicar com alguns bullet points (pontos de bala). Ouça o mini-podcast de hoje e aprenda a usar a expressão 'make ends meet' em inglês. Depois leia os meus bullet points e veja se expliquei direito a situação. Qualquer dúvida sobre o vocabulário, pode perguntar no setor de comentários abaixo.

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Truck drivers are having a hard time making ends meet.
bullet points

O que significa Make Ends Meet?

Explicação para o meu tio...

Here’s what I understand of the situation:

• Truckers are upset with their own unions, and are doing this on their own.  [Meu tio tinha perguntado se era os sindicatos que estavam fazendo isso.]

• The previous administration, which was impeached , actually started this situation by freezing prices some time ago.

• Then the Petrobras scandal broke out. (Politicians taking money from the state run oil company).

• After that, Petrobras went public and sold stocks internationally.

• To make up for losses, they are establishing prices by the 20% international oil they import, not by the 80% that Brasil produces. Thus, much higher prices.

• Plus 40% taxes. Everything goes to the government!

• On top of that, high prices for toll roads (almost every highway here), speed traps all over with varying speed limits to entrap drivers, bad roads, highway robberies, etc.

• Truck drivers are having a hard time making ends meet.

• We are actually sympathetic with the truck drivers, but wish the situation could be solved.

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Qualquer dúvida sobre o vocabulário, pode perguntar no setor de comentários abaixo.

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20 comments “Os caminhoneiros no Brasil estão tendo dificuldades para ‘make ends meet’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #302”

Teacher Tim. Unfortunately here in Brazil taxes are very highs. Truckers can not stand this situation anymore and decided to stop their work and waiting  some deal from the government. They work hard on the roads and with high taxes doesn’t leave almost any money for them. Corrupt politics and government steal everything and brasilian people pay with that suffering. 

Yes, I know. Let’s hope we see some changes!

And 10% of the diesel is biodiesel made on farms.

So does Brazil produce 90% of its fuel?

Good night Tim, unfortunately we are passing for this situation, but I imagine to be necessary, Brasil is a good country, I love to live here, but is hard, seeing a lot corruption political, government make agreements to perpetuate in power. I hope that end up in the best way.

If I made a mistake, please correct me 

You wrote very well, Denilson.

Let’s hope things change for the better!

As if it were not enough, the roads infrastructure in Brazil is very bad.

True! 🙁

Your bullet point are corrects!!!
We need to change this country
Enough bad politics 
We need to work hard to change everything !!!
I believe that we can do this !!!
Have a great Sunday !!!
God bless you

Thank you, Cláudio! I don’t vote in Brazil; but I’m depending on you guys to make the right decision this next election!!

Congratulation for the shining explanation!

Thank you, Giovanni!

O bacana aqui Tim é a junção do “having a hard time” com “making ends meet”.
Os brasileiros logo de cara tentariam usar “difficult”, o que obviamente seria compreendido mas deixaria claro não se tratar de um nativo. O método dos missionários tem no seu cerne um bocado do Lexical Approach. Por falar do Lexical, costumo mostrar como nem sempre o certo gramaticalmente gera uma boa comunicação. Veja essas duas frases: “Você está redondamente enganado”. “Você está redondamente apaixonado”. Ambas estão gramaticalmente corretas mas a segunda sôa como algo completamente fora da realidade.

Good explanation! Thank you, Sergio!

Hello Tim, all right?

Na frase “After that, Petrobras went public and sold stocks internationally”, você quer dizer que a Petrobrás tornou-se pública e vendeu estoque internacionalmente, ou que ela abriu capital e vendeu ações internacionalmente?

Desde já agradeço a atenção!
Muito obrigada.

Eu quis dizer que “tornou-se pública”, mas pode ser que errei neste detalhe?

Thanks for your help!

It’s advisable to clarify some bullet points. President Dilma was not impeached; she was put down by an illegal coup d’État for submiting our counrty and his petroleum reserves to USA imperialism. The gangsters who broke into gouvernent are actually promoting the bankrupticy of the national Petrobras to benefit its privatization and irresponsably increasing the prices against brazilian people. The truck drivers are trying recover the minimum to survive in these hard times of destruction of our country.

Hello Tim! How are you?

What did you mean with “run oil company”?
Take care

I hope the people can make ends meet on Brumadinho-MG! God bless them!

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