‘Can’ ou ‘Could’ para pedidos e permissão [Inglês Todos os Dias #163]

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‘Can’ ou ‘Could’ para pedidos e permissão [Inglês Todos os Dias #163]

Depois da última dica, na qual falamos sobre Can vs May para pedir permissão em inglês, vários perguntaram sobre o modal Could. Vamos falar sobre quando usamos Could, em vez de Can, para pedir permissão ou fazer algum pedido em inglês. Para isso, vou lhe contar o que aconteceu comigo aqui no Brasil por causa desse Could....


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Could you pass me the salt, please?
Can I use your pen?
May I use your pen?
Could I use your pen, please?
low context culture
Give me an aspirin, please.
Could I have a bottle of aspirin please?
Could I have the check/bill please?
Could I please have the check?
Could you please pass me the salt?
Could I please have the salt?
Could I have the salt, please?





Let's practice!

Make a request or ask for permission with the modal Could in the comments section below.

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21 comments “‘Can’ ou ‘Could’ para pedidos e permissão [Inglês Todos os Dias #163]”

You don’t need to ask me again, of course I’ll participate posting my comment!

Could I do ask questions in the comments section?

Thanks so much to explaining the modal verb could. Modal verbs drives me crazy sometimes!

Sure, you can, Emerson!

(Notice how I used *can* in the answer? I might have to explain that in the next podcast!)

I can’t wait!

Could I have more tips to learning English?

Sure, Rosana! Coming soon! 😀

Tim, could you please record more podcasts about modal verb ? That would be great. I’ve had a hard time trying to learn it. The explanation about may/can was one of the best I’ve ever heard. I could imagine how sarcastic your teacher was! I believe I’ll never forget this lesson. Keep it up!

So glad you enjoyed my explanation, Renata. Sure, we’ll do podcasts about modals. Thank you for the suggestion.Yes, my teacher was a little strict, but she was a good teacher. Interestingly, she had taught my mother many years before! (You can imagine that she wasn’t so young when she taught me! 🙂 )

Could you please sell the ticket to New York??
I’m very exited to travel for this wonderful city 

Sure! But you have to take me with you! 😀

* Could you buy a ticket to Germany for me Please?


Sure! Just give me the money first! 😀

Could I use your car or motorcycle tomorrow, please?

Hello Tim! Could I have another English tip, please?

Could I have the Acai, please?

Could you please teach us some advanced English words?

Could you please pass me the sugar?

Hello Tim! Your tips are really awesome!!
Could you help us doing a podcast about “ing” form in english?

Sure, Leandro. We’ll try to do one about -ing soon.

Could you teach me more about this verbs, please!

Your tips are awsome! I trully like them. From two thousand twenty-seven on I wanna visit your website more for improving my skills in English. Could you tell me any suggestion for I don’t give up !

I forgot ” ? “

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