‘Can’ ou ‘Could’ para pedidos e permissão [Inglês Todos os Dias #163]

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‘Can’ ou ‘Could’ para pedidos e permissão [Inglês Todos os Dias #163]
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Depois da última dica, na qual falamos sobre Can vs May para pedir permissão em inglês, vários perguntaram sobre o modal Could. Vamos falar sobre quando usamos Could, em vez de Can, para pedir permissão ou fazer algum pedido em inglês. Para isso, vou lhe contar o que aconteceu comigo aqui no Brasil por causa desse Could....




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Could you pass me the salt, please?
Can I use your pen?
May I use your pen?
Could I use your pen, please?
low context culture
Give me an aspirin, please.
Could I have a bottle of aspirin please?
Could I have the check/bill please?
Could I please have the check?
Could you please pass me the salt?
Could I please have the salt?
Could I have the salt, please?





Let's practice!

Make a request or ask for permission with the modal Could in the comments section below.

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16 comments “‘Can’ ou ‘Could’ para pedidos e permissão [Inglês Todos os Dias #163]”

You don’t need to ask me again, of course I’ll participate posting my comment!

Could I do ask questions in the comments section?

Thanks so much to explaining the modal verb could. Modal verbs drives me crazy sometimes!

Sure, you can, Emerson!

(Notice how I used *can* in the answer? I might have to explain that in the next podcast!)

I can’t wait!

Could I have more tips to learning English?

Sure, Rosana! Coming soon! 😀

Tim, could you please record more podcasts about modal verb ? That would be great. I’ve had a hard time trying to learn it. The explanation about may/can was one of the best I’ve ever heard. I could imagine how sarcastic your teacher was! I believe I’ll never forget this lesson. Keep it up!

So glad you enjoyed my explanation, Renata. Sure, we’ll do podcasts about modals. Thank you for the suggestion.Yes, my teacher was a little strict, but she was a good teacher. Interestingly, she had taught my mother many years before! (You can imagine that she wasn’t so young when she taught me! 🙂 )

Could you please sell the ticket to New York??
I’m very exited to travel for this wonderful city 

Sure! But you have to take me with you! 😀

* Could you buy a ticket to Germany for me Please?


Sure! Just give me the money first! 😀

Could I use your car or motorcycle tomorrow, please?

Hello Tim! Could I have another English tip, please?

Could I have the Acai, please?

Could you please teach us some advanced English words?

Could you please pass me the sugar?

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