Cheguei! | Inglês Todos os Dias #213

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Cheguei! | Inglês Todos os Dias #213

"Querida, cheguei!" Como se diz 'cheguei' em inglês? Bem, dizemos isso de uma maneira quando chegamos em casa e outra quando chegamos no serviço, por exemplo. Vamos conversar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje.

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Honey, I’m home!
I arrived.
I’m home.
Pay attention!
I’m here!



Let's practice!  Say "cheguei" in English in the comments section below! 🙂

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57 comments “Cheguei! | Inglês Todos os Dias #213”

I’m here! Did you miss me?

Sure did! Welcome back! 🙂

I’m here! 

Hi there!

I´m here! This is first time!!!

Welcome, Eduardo!

You guys I’m here!  I gotta go now. Peeeeeaaaaaceeeeeee!

Hello and Goodbye! That was a quick visit! 😀

I’m here.

Hello, Jackson!

I’m here too

Good to see you again, Loer!

I’m here

Hi there, Mauro!

I’m late, but I’m here

Better late than never! 😀

I’m late too, but I’m here 🙂

Good to see you!

I’m here.

That’s great! Welcome!

Hi everybody ! I arrived from Miami yesterday afternoom, and now I am here to work a lot on our important project ( Idea) ! Have a Wonderful weeK !

Welcome back, Ricardo!

I´m here 😉

Hi, Carla!

I’m here now!

Good to see you!

Hello guys!
That´s to late, but I´m here

Good to see you, Dora!

I’m at work!

But I’m glad you stopped by and said hello! Have a great day!

I´m here Tim!!

Good to see you, Gilmar!

I’m here!

That’s great!

I’m here!


I’m here too.

Good to see you, André!

Hello, my friends! I’m here. I’m beginner in english. but I will go to arrive there.

Yes, you will! Keep up the good work!

Hi Tim! Have you ever watched a tv show called Família Dinosauro? The main character always started the program shouting: Honey Im home

Yes, but I haven’t seen that show in a long time!

I’m here 🙂

Hello, Samuel!

I’m Here! Sorry for my late reply my internet connection was terrible last two days

Better late than never!

I’m here!!!


Hi Tim. I’m here!

Good to see you, Deyvson!

Honey, i’m hereeeee

Is that what you say to your husband when you get home? 😀

I don’t have husband, but one day, I’ll say XD

I’m hereee

Good to see you, Anelise!

I’m here honey!

Is that what you say to your wife when you get home?

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