Inglês Todos os Dias #85: ‘Eu cometi um erro’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #85: ‘Eu cometi um erro’ em inglês

Eu cometi um erro no nosso último mini-podcast; em vez de dizer que "cometi um erro", eu disse que "______ um erro"! Se você já sabe o que eu disse, então já sabe dizer 'cometer um erro' em inglês; porque, afinal, você pode saber como o americano pensa em inglês ao ouvir os erros que ele comete em inglês! 🙂


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I made a mistake again!
You make a mistake.
You learn with mistakes an American makes.
I'm sorry I made a mistake.


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Let's practice!

Complete the sentence: I made a mistake. I _______________________ .

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33 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #85: ‘Eu cometi um erro’ em inglês”

I’m always afraid of making mistakes while studying english!
I will never forget when my friend said once ” I mistook” and I had to correct him. =))

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, Frederico! I record these mini-podcasts daily, and every time someone corrects my Portuguese, I learn something new! 🙂

I made a mistake when I do not learn English early, but, always there time to learn!

It’s never too late to start learning a new language, Emerson! And remember, the years will pass anyway, so the question should be: Here in a year, two years, etc., do I want to be speaking English fluently or not? Then continue working on it!

When I´m trying speak english I made a lot of mistakes but I keep trying.

That’s the right attitude, Paulo!

Fazendo um comparativo com o present perfect, seria errado dizer ” I’ve made a mistake” porque vc especificou que o erro foi cometido no último podcast e para utilizar Present Perfect o erro teria que ter acontecido em um passado indefinido? Se eu tivesse cometido um grande erro em algum momento da minha vida, poderia dizer “I’ve made a big mistake”

É isso mesmo, Eduardo.

I made a mistake when I fell in love for that boy, and now I feel so bad.

Why? Did he break your heart, Juliana?

Everybody makes mistakes. It is important to learn with mistakes because if you do like that you will grow as a person.
Tim, I would like that in the future I could speak English like you and David speak Portuguese because you speak almost like a Brazilian native and you know Brazilian grammar better than many Brazilians. There is no doubt about that.

Thank you, José Luiz! And you are getting better and better in English! It was a little easier for me because I started when I was 8.

I made a mistake when i dont listen your mini podcast.

It’s never too late to correct a mistake! 🙂

Olá Tim! Queria agradecer pelos seus maravilhosos Podcasts. Ouvi os #85. Tentei assimilar o máximo possível, sem fazer nenhuma anotação. Agora pretendo ouvi-los novamente. Mas agora fazendo as devidas anotações.  Continue fazendo este trabalho incrível, que com toda certeza esta ajudando muitas pessoas.  

Que bacana, Lawes! Com certeza você vai aprimorar o seu inglês desse jeito! Parabéns pela dedicação! Isso nos anima de continuar publicando essas dicas!

Hi Tim

Can I say in English ” In Paris the terrorist went off their weapons for long time”? “The meat’s gone off because she didn’t put in in the fridge”

Unfortunately, no, Milton. We only use “go off” for an alarm clock (disparar), or a bomb (detonar).

Sorry, “gone off”

I very often make mistakes, mainly, when i try to talk to someone in english. However, we have to make lots of mistakes first before we begin to make it right. That´s why i haven´t gave up yet.

That’s the truth, Jorge!

Hi teacher! I was out of city but I’m here again! Yes, I made a mistake because I didn’t tell you that I had already received my Present Perfect Lessons from 8 to14!
 I’m so sorry!

No problem, Marilene! I’m glad you received them now!

I made a lot of mistakes , but I don’t remember any now

It’s better not to dwell on our mistakes anyway. 🙂

Hi Tim

I made a mistake, When I not told my wife that would come home late.

So that must have been a pleasant surprise for her when you came back earlier!

I made a mistake: i did not listen to the podcasts last weekend

It’s never too late to correct your mistake, Ana! 🙂

Yesterday, I made a mistake when I spoke to her.

Why? Did she get angry at you?

I made a mistake when I trusted in people I believed were my friends.

That happens sometimes, Paulo; but that’s a risk we sometimes have to take in getting close to others. We can’t let it make us cold and cynical, though.

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