Inglês Todos os Dias #111: Como dizer ‘ano bissexto’ em inglês?

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Inglês Todos os Dias #111: Como dizer ‘ano bissexto’ em inglês?

Feliz Dia Bissexto! Por hoje ser o dia extra do Ano Bissexto, gravamos mais um episódio bônus falando sobre como dizer ano bissexto em inglês. Também vamos conversar sobre um costume interessante deste dia!


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Happy leap day!
Leap year.
Go propose to somebody, and happy leap day!
Good luck!


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Por favor, deixe um comentário abaixo! Happy Leap Day!


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22 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #111: Como dizer ‘ano bissexto’ em inglês?”

In this leap day, In this Leap Year, I had luck. Nobody propose to me.

You’re a lucky guy! 🙂

I hope to take my “english” to another level next leap year! I don’t give up!
Master, Teacher, Boss correct me please.
Saulo – 

You can do that before the next leap year! 🙂

Haha… My girlfriend doesn’t know of this because if she knew of this, probably it would propose to me!

Tim, por favor, essa frase está correta? Na verdade, na frase “My girlfriend doesn’t know of this…” na verdade eu gostaria de falar “Minha namorada não sabia disso”…

Thanks a lot and have a blessed week!

That’s correct, Emerson. Phew! You were lucky she doesn’t follow our mini-podcasts! hahaha

There is a hollywood movie with the name “Leap year” that was translated to the portuguese as “Casa comigo” where the plot is the wedding propose.

Interesting, Paulo. I guess it wouldn’t make sense in Brazil to translate the title as “Ano Bissexto”.

Hi Tim, I’m so happy for participate here, I need do improve  my english, I count on you!  Thanks a lot!

Welcome, Paulo! So glad you are with us now!

I don’t know what I do in leap day, maybe, propose my girlfriend…

Is it a good idea???

Sounds like a good idea to me! 🙂

It’s a leap day, but I don’t will propose to somebody, because I’m already married

If Max had waited until now, he would be in for a surprise! 😀

Good morning Tim, I forgot to comment about leap day ano leap year,  I can’t propose to anyone, ’cause I got someome in This moment.  I Really  sorry so much!!! 

You are really sorry you can’t propose to someone, or are you sorry you’ve got someone? 🙂

Every year could leap, at least on the wedding day./////// LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

Trying to run away from marriage; huh? 🙂

Happy leap year Tim ! On the leap day my boyfriend told me that I could propose to him… So I told him “dreaming is good, isn’t ?” kk

I hope you took advantage of the opportunity! 🙂

Good evening. Thank you for all your wonderful tips, are very interesting and I thank God that there are people who, like you, help us so much. I wish you a Happy Leap Year and that you and your family can be illuminated with a wonderful year!

Thank you very much, Roberta! The same to you and yours!

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