Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #15: Como dizer as horas em inglês, parte 2

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Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #15: Como dizer as horas em inglês, parte 2

No mini-podcast de hoje vamos aprender a dizer as horas em inglês até os 15 minutos depois da hora.


Frases no mini-podcast de hoje:

What time is it? It's one oh five.
five o'clock; ten o'clock; noon; midnight
1:05 = It's one oh five.
1:01= one oh one
1:02= one oh two
1:04= one oh four
1:05= one oh five
1:06= one oh six
1:07= one oh seven
1:08= one oh eight
1:09= one oh nine
1:10 = It's one ten
1:12 = one twelve
1:14= one fourteen
1:15= one fifteen


1:05 = It's one (minutes) after one
1:06 = six after one
1:09 =nine after one
1:10 = ten after one
1:14 = fourteen after one


1:15 = It's a quarter after one


4:12 = It's four twelve. (or) It's twelve after four.
5:15 = It's five fifteen. (or) It's a quarter after five.


Clique AQUI para começar a DOMINAR o inglês básico.




Escreva a hora (arredonando) até os quinze minutos depois da hora no setor de comentários abaixo. Exemplo:

What time is it?

It's ____________ .

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20 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #15: Como dizer as horas em inglês, parte 2”

It’s three twenty five.

Good afternoon, Fabian!

I’ts forty seven after four.

Olá, Bruno! Na verdade, depois dos 30 minutos a gente fala diferente. Aguarde o próximo episódio! 😉

Hi teacher! It’s eight oh 5 and I didn’t get my 8th lesson about PRESENT PERFECT yet. Was there any problem to sending it? Thank you.

It has already been sent, Marilene! (Using the Present Perfect. 🙂 ) Have you checked in your SPAM folder?

It’s eleven oh four. It’s time to go sleep!

Have a good night’s rest!

Hi Tim.

It’s seven twelve.


It’s twelve   after seven

At night or in the afternoon? If it’s at night, you are up late! 🙂

It’s three to nine right now 😀

You’re already getting into the next lesson. 🙂

It’s five oh five

Good afternoon, Graziela!

It is two oh five AM. It is very late and I should be sleeping but I am not sleepy.

So you decided to study some English! Good choice! 🙂

Hi tim,
it’s twelve oh seven
or It’s seven after tweve!

Tim for lunch!

it is five to three pm.

It is seven fourteen.
It is fourteen after seven.

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