Inglês Todos os Dias #38: O Benjamin cortou o cabelo [como dizer “cortar o cabelo” em inglês]

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Inglês Todos os Dias #38: O Benjamin cortou o cabelo [como dizer “cortar o cabelo” em inglês]

No post de hoje, vou compartilhar fotos do meu sobrinho cortando o cabelo e ensinar como dizer "cortar o cabelo" em inglês.


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I got my hair cut.
I got a haircut.
Benjamin got his hair cut.
Ben getting his hair cut for the States.
Excuse me, because I'm going to get my hair cut right now.


Now answer this question in the comments section below: When was the last time you got a hair cut?

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28 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #38: O Benjamin cortou o cabelo [como dizer “cortar o cabelo” em inglês]”

I got my hair cut last week.

So you look sharp now! 🙂

Hi, Tim Barret.

Quando se usa o than ou o that? No Minipodcast37 existe frases usando o THAN e outra usando o THAT, quando usar um ou o outro? Todos sendo traduzidos como QUE. Obrigado, Paulo Pataro.

Hello, Paulo. O “that” é o pronome “que”; já o “than” é a conjunção “do que”, que é usado para comparações.

I got my hair cut in 2 months ago, I think.
I don’t like to get my hair cut! I think so tediously! 😛

But, I need to get my hair cut urgently! LOL!

You’re hair is probably a little shaggy by now! 😀

I got my hair cut 3 months ago.

Are you growing your hair long, Andréia?

I got my hair cut last week to celebrate mother´s day and I looked good, I think lol
But I´ve seen anywhere “I had my hair cut” is it right?

I’m sure your mother thought you looked great! 🙂

and nice trip for all family come back soon to help us

Thank you, Gabriela!

, seria interessante saber os principais tipos de corte. Se eu chegar no Barber shop e dizer que eu quero a hair cut, a pergunta que o cara vai fazer para mim é como você quer ser cabelo cortado. E ai?

Hey, Dori! That sounds like an interesting topic for a minpodcast. I’ll try to record one about that when we get back; ok?

Tim. I got my haircut last week on Monday. It was very long and awful mostly because I am a bald man and just the lateral hairs grew. That is the reason of the awfulness.

I know how you feel, José Luiz! My hair is getting a little thin in the back and front, also. 🙂

Acredito que como dizer “i cut my hair” da a ideia de que eu mesmo cortei meu cabelo, então pode-se dizer que…
– Abigail cut Benjamin’s hair?
– Who cut Benjamin’s hair?
Abigail response:
– Me,
– I cut his hair (De Bejamin)

I think so ; )

Yes, that’s correct, Marivan.

I got my hair cut last week in a barber shop next to my apartment!

Best wishes Tim!!

I think was 1 week ago!!

Almost time for another hair cut! 🙂

I got my hair cut a month ago and I will get my hair cut next Saturday. Is this correct Tim?

Yes, that’s correct, Leonardo. Thank you for participating here.

I got my hair cut last week. 🙂

Hi Tim,
I have a doubt… quen i speak in portuguese “eu cortei o meu cabelo” we don’t use a struture but i learned that i have to say “i had my hair cut”… so is this certain or wrong?
Have a great day and regards.

Hello, Mariana! That is correct, too. It’s a little more “formal” than “got my hair cut”.

I got my haircut 3 weekends ago.

Hi everyone !

Formal –> I´ll have my discret Hair cut ! I had my discret Hair cut !
Informal–> I´ll get my Hair cut now ! I got my Hair cut yesterday evening !
Thanks so much for yor smart tips ! have a great and sunny thursday !

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