Como dizer “dar uma bronca” em inglês [phrasal verb]

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Como dizer “dar uma bronca” em inglês [phrasal verb]

Dei uma bronca em meus alunos ontem! Na semana que vem vou dizer o porquê, mas hoje só quero lhe ensinar uma maneira de dizer "dar uma bronca" em inglês.







Como dizer ‘dar uma bronca’ em inglês

  • chew someone out / give someone a chewing out [phrasal verb] = dar uma bronca em alguém
  • get chewed out / get a chewing out = levar bronca

Nota: Você pode dizer “chew someone out” ou usar o gerúndio: “give someone a chewing out”. Na passiva, você pode dizer “I got chewed out” ou “I got a chewing out”.

Nota 2: Os britânicos preferem usar o phrasal verb “tell off” em vez de “chew out”.

Examples from online dictionaries:

The coach chewed his team out for playing so badly.
O técnico deu uma bronca na sua equipe por jogar tão mal.
I chewed him out when he said he wouldn't come to the party.
Eu fiquei brava com ele quando ele disse que não viria para a festa.
The boss is always chewing out somebody.
O chefe está sempre dando uma bronca em alguém.
The teacher gave me a chewing out for not doing my homework.
O professor me deu uma bronca porque eu não fiz o dever de casa.
I got chewed out by my doctor for gaining too much weight.
Recebi uma bronca do medico por ganhar muito peso.
My brother got a chewing out for not cleaning his room.
O meu irmão levou uma bronca por não limpar o quarto.


Tell me about a time when you chewed someone out, or when you got chewed out (got a chewing out) by someone

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32 comments “Como dizer “dar uma bronca” em inglês [phrasal verb]”

The teacher gave me a chewing out for not studying English everyday.

I’m always chewing out my daughter because she’s very lazy.

Tell your teacher that you participated and wrote two good sentneces on our site today! 😉

Well, I guess all our kids are lazy at times… 🙂

I’ll chew my friend out if he’s not up for an Açaí today. ^^

Hey! I’m always up for an Açai with a friend! 🙂

Really, Tim?!

I was familiar with the expression “to give someone a dressing-down”, but I’m not sure if it’s correct or even out of date now.

What do you say?

See you!

Hello, Fábio! Yes, that is another option. The British use it more often than Americans, so it is not an expression/phrasal verb I personally use a lot.

Another thing, Fábio. I get the impression that the expression “dressing-down” is for something more “serious”. (I can’t be sure about this, so we will have to ask our British friends.) This expression comes from a military disciplinary action where they “dress down” (reduce the rank) of soldiers for serious offences. See link:

Oh my gosh. I did the same thing yesterday. Really!
Now I know this expression.
My reason was they were talking too much.
Thank you very much.

Were they talking in English or Portuguese? 🙂

Hi Tim! How are doing?

Actually ” chewing out” it would be the same like “Telling off”?

Great tip!
Thanks 😀

Thanks, Liliane!

I’d like to give Valdivia a chewing out, because he got an unnecessary red card and Palmeiras could have won the last  night match, if he were still playing till the end of it.

I felt like giving him a kick in the “you-know-where”!

Sometimes I have to chew my daughters out for not feeling like brushing up on their english.

And they have a mother that speaks so well! Shame on them! 😉

I think that “tell off ” it’s possible too.

Yes, that’s another phrasal verb that is used.

great!! I really need to learn that…I always chew my daughter out for being lazy. Huge thanks.

What would kids do without their parents to chew them out at times! 🙂

no, not get angry please..

I’d  like to chew our governement out  for such a bad situation in our beloved country  Brasil…

Well, elections are coming up… That’s the way to do it! 😉

Eu posso usar o mesmo termo para meu cachorro? Eu dei uma bronca do meu cachorro por ele ter feito uma bagunca? Meu cachorro levou uma bronca

Na verdade, “chew out” é mais para pessoas mesmo. Repreender severamente.

I got chewed out by my girlfriend because I looked at another girl.

You deserved a chewing out! 🙂

Como ficaria então “vou te dar uma bronca agora” ?

Several ways, Luciana: “I’m going to chew you out.”; “I’m going to give you a chewing out.”; “I’m going to tell you off.”; more formally: “I’m going to reprimand you.”

I got chewed out by my mother for being critical on my sister’s manner.

I’ve forgotten the “s” in manners, sorry : I got chewed out by my mother for being critical on my sister’s manners.

Thanks Ian. She turned down those positions while she was already employed – so the defence of needing to stay at home doesn’t apply.
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