Inglês Todos os Dias #63: Como dizer ‘de saco cheio’ em inglês [phrasal verb]

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Inglês Todos os Dias #63: Como dizer ‘de saco cheio’ em inglês [phrasal verb]

Esta repórter está "de saco cheio" com o "Capitol Hill"! Descubra o que é "Capitol Hill" e aprenda a dizer "de saco cheio" no mini-podcast de hoje!


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I think I'll go off the record for a minute: I don't know about you [não sei sobre você], but I am so fed up with Capitol Hill and the way they make... [e a maneira que eles fazem...

Tell me what you are fed up with.

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Agora complete a seguinte sentença (no setor de comentários abaixo): I am fed up with _____________ .

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41 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #63: Como dizer ‘de saco cheio’ em inglês [phrasal verb]”


I know what you mean, Clauceni! Lots of talk and no action!

I’m so fed up with the politics of Brazil!!!!

Same here, Lucia! I’m fed up with politics all over the world!

I’m so fed up with the politicians of our country! Pratically all of them are corrupts.

I know what you mean, Agnys! And it’s not only limited to Brazil… 🙁

Hi, Tim!

It’s easy to say what Brazilian people are fed up with!

We are fed up with corruption, and the way of Brazilian laws handle with this. I can’t stand this anymore.

Unfortunately, I think the Brazil don’t have any chance. Perhaps Brazil will be a better place to live someday, but, it’s a long shot to happen this now!

Tim, please, correct my incorrect sentences, ok?

Thanks a lot and sorry for I let off steam.

Have a nice day!

No need for correction, Emerson! You did great. I’m sorry about all the corruption, though. Unfortunately, it’s not only limited to Brazil. 🙁

 Prince William is fed up with paparazzi stalking and harassing Prince George.
“Fed up” is not enough to express my feelings about politicians. I need a term to express my dissatisfaction with more emphasis.
Saulo – Beginner

I know what you mean, Saulo!

I am fed up with the taxes in Brazil.

I agree, Edymara! Taxes are the best way (or should I say “worst way”) to stagnate an economy.

I’m fed up with the world economy, that economic crisis very hard since long time ago

Tell me about it, Milton!

[By the way, “Tell me about it!” means “Nem me fale!”]

I’m fed up with the weather changing every time we can take a trip to the beach! When we were working was very very hot, when the holidays come they bring cold and a lot of rain with them!

Haha… Me too!

please, don´t complain about the weather…we all need rain…

Since everybody is so fed with corruption, I would like to say that I’m fed up with people who complains about corrupt politicians, but throw garbage in the streets, park their cars on sidewalks or in reserved places, jump the lines in banks or in bus stops and so on! I think all this is corruption, too.

I´m fed up with my daughter!! she always drives me crasy with such mess around her room.

I’m so fed up with traffic of the city (São Paulo)

Tell me about it!

I´m fed up with corruption! But i´m so fed up with us corruption…

Unfortunately, you’re right, Wilkson. Many people talk about “corruption”, but their actions contribute to it.

I am fed up with the Populist Governments of some Latin Americans Countries, like Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and of course Brazil. If you pay attention those are the countries with economic crisis and the people is suffering a lot. That is not just a coincidence.

That is an interesting “coincidence”, José Luiz! People should wake up and see exactly what the problem is.


I am fed up with corruption too, but I think isn’t just politicians who do it! Lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc, are equally guilty… Did Greta also say “proverbial sausage up there”! What does it mean?

Hello, Adriano! When people talk about a “sausage factory” (in a figurative way) they are talking about an unpleasant process, especially one that is hidden from the public (No one likes to see how sausage is made, just like we don’t see how laws are made and business is done in Congress.) And when she said “the proverbial sausage”, “proverbial” refers to something that is used in a proverb or other expression.

I’m so fed up with the thing that have been happening in my country.

I feel your pain, Ruliano! Things are not so much better in my country, either.

I fed up with the violence and insecurity in the world. 

I know what you mean!

I’m fed up with president Dilma and yours members corrupts

Let’s not even talk about that!!

I,m fed up with my team´s president.

Are you Corinthiano?

I’m fed up of rulers with us!

We all are!

I’m fed up of my income tax!

I know how you feel, Odair!

i`m fed up of lies ! 

Same here!

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