Inglês Todos os Dias #39: Ansioso para viajar!

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Inglês Todos os Dias #39: Ansioso para viajar!

Amanhã a minha família inteira vai viajar para os Estados Unidos para cuidar de alguns negócios e visitar família, e estamos ansiosos para viajar! No minipodcast de hoje vou lhe ensinar como dizer "estou ansioso para viajar" em inglês.


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I am looking forward to traveling tomorrow.
I am looking forward to the trip.
I am looking forward to seeing you.

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How about you? What are you looking forward to? Please tell me about it below.

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24 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #39: Ansioso para viajar!”

I’m looking forward to getting the fluency in English!
For this, I’m studying every day with your podcasts Tim!

Tim, can I say “I’m eager to travel tomorrow”?

Thanks a lot and enjoy your trip! 😉

Great sentences, Emerson! Thank you for participating! Yes, you can use “eager”, too. It has basically the same meaning, but not exactly. Check out these explanations on this site: to-look-forward-to-vs-to-be-eager-to.197008/

Especially this answer:

To me, eager conveys an idea of excitedness and impatience (anxiety, even?) that “look forward to” does not. 

My parents just left for a trip to Japan.
I look forward to hearing about their many adventures there.
In other words, I’ll be very interested to hear about their trip once they’ve returned.

My sister who lives in France was rushed to the hospital this morning.
I’m eager to hear news about her condition. 

There’s not much of a difference here, but to be “eager” about something expresses an intensity that look forward to lacks.

In most business contexts, “look forward to” is the standard expression. 

We look forward to working with you in the very near future. (standard formal business English).
We’re eager to hear about the new product launch. (This is an exciting event – the new product launch – as such, there’s a level of excitedness that can be conveyed here).

And this one:

“Eager” means to want to do or have something very much. I am eager to begin my classes. 

“look forward to” means to think of a future event with pleasure and anticipation. I look forward to hearing from you.

You could use all of those expressions: i am eager to learn chemistry. i am eager to talk to you. i am eager to find a new computer. i am eager to know all of the answers. However, eager is not used as often as looking forward to.

Have a nice trip, you all.
We’re surelly looking forward to getting you all back, soon.

That was a nice comment, Karneiro! Thank you very much!

Great Trip! I’m looking forward to traveling to USA next year or some day.

I wish you luck with your travel plans, Roni!

Nive trip for you all.
I´m looking forward to taking another english course abroad.

Come back soon

Thank you, Gabriela! I’m back! 🙂

By I could understand in the podcast and comment the best way to say these phrases are: “I am looking forward to see my new car”.
“I am very worried and I am eager to Know if they will fire me of my job because Brazil is in a serious economic crisis”. My son is anxious (or eager) to know if he passed in tests in the College.

That’s right, José Luiz. Good job! Just one correction: It should be “I’m looking forward to seeing…” (gerund).

Tim, Thank you for the correction. That is very important.

Tim. Could you post a postcast about the difference of look forward x eager x anxious?

I’m looking forward to going to the USA next week!! First time up there…. I’m really excited about this trip. 😀

I hope you have a great time there, Bruno! Where are you going to visit?

Olá Tim, porque tivemos somente um podcast essa semana?

We were traveling, Jean. But now we are back, and we’ll be sending more tips very soon. Thank you for asking!

I’m loooking forward to traveling to US.

When are you traveling, Henrique?

I am looking forward to traveling for Bariloche

It looks like a beautiful place! Have a great trip!

Olá, Tim por que parou de enviar a continuaçao  das “100 palavavras”

Estávamos passando alguns dias nos E.U.A, mas vamos continuar esta semana, Francisco. Obrigado pelo interesse!

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