Eu não me conformo que a Seleção perdeu assim…

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Eu não me conformo que a Seleção perdeu assim…

Brazil did a great job hosting the World Cup, but the Brazilian team’s performance was a real let-down! I still can’t get over the way Brazil lost to Germany in the semi-finals!

  • hosting the World Cup = sediando a Copa do Mundo
  • let-down! = decepção
  • I can’t get over = [Ver explicação abaixo.]

Oh, well, it’s just a game! And life goes on… =)

  • it’s just a game = é apenas um jogo
  • life goes on = a vida continua
O que significa o phrasal verb can't get over

  • I can’t get over…* = Eu não me conformo...

*Note que em inglês esta expressão pode ser usada tanto para algo negativo que você “não se conforma”, quanto para algo positivo que você nunca vai esquecer, ou que você achou muito engraçado. Veja exemplos abaixo.

Other Examples:

I can’t get over how poorly Brazil played.
Eu não me conformo como o Brasil jogou mal.

I can’t get over how well Brazil played.
Foi demais! Como o Brasil jogou bem! [...Quem dera!]

I can't get over the way you behaved at the party - it was appalling !
Eu não me conformo com a maneira que você se comportou na festa – foi terrível e chocante!

I can't get over how different you look with short hair .
Ainda estou chocado como você se parece diferente com cabelo curto!

I just can't get over seeing you again.
Como é bom te ver novamente! Nem dá para acreditar!

Já ensinamos este phrasal verb no fascículo PHRASAL VERBS WITH THE WORD GET.


How about you? What is something you can't get over? And what did you think of the World Cup that Brazil hosted?

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14 comments “Eu não me conformo que a Seleção perdeu assim…”

I can’t get over how amazing your English tips are!!


Thanks, buddy!You’re too kind! 🙂

I just can´t get over, how well we learn English with you.
Thanks for the tips

You’re welcome, Gabriela. Thank YOU for your participation!


Congratulations! You´re always up-to-date.
This is awesome.
Thanks a lot.

Clauceni Pinto.

Thank YOU for your comment here, Clauceni! Glad you liked the tip.

Thanks for so usefull teaching!
I hope  you had a nice vacation  !

Thank you, Lucia. I had a great two weekend off. I’m glad to be back, though.

Hi, Tim.

Long time no see! Hope you’ve been fine.

Yes, you’re right. Brazilian team’s performance was a real let-down! Even our soccer players looked a bunch of amateurs as if they weren’t giving a damn to what was happening around them! 

And, whenever I remember that awful match, well… I just can’t get over it!

Thanks for your tips, Tim.

Take care.

Doing great, Fábio, thank you. Yes, it is hard to get over a loss like that, but hopefully the Brazilian soccer team learned some lessons from the debacle.

Thanks teacher for this tips! See you soon!

Thank you, Eduardo! See you in class! 😉

I can’t get over how amazing you and your team are!!

Thanks, Fernanda! I can’t get over how smart you are! 😉

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