Inglês Todos os Dias #41: Você tem medo de voar?

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Inglês Todos os Dias #41: Você tem medo de voar?

Estaremos de volta ao Brasil no domingo, dia 31. No passado, eu tinha um pouco de medo de voar (trauma, na verdade), mas já superei! Aprenda a dizer "tenho medo de voar" e "superar" no minipodcast de hoje.


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Are you afraid of flying?
I overcame my fear of flying.
I am (not) afraid of flying.
I am looking forward to the trip back.
Don't be afraid to participate.

Resposta da frase no e-mail:

In the past, I used to be afraid of flying [eu tinha medo de voar], but I have overcome [já superei] my fear of flying. [medo de voar].


How about you? Are you afraid of flying? What are you afraid of?

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41 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #41: Você tem medo de voar?”

Hello Tim, how are you?

I’m afraid of altitude, so, I’m afraid of flying as well! Hehehe…

When I flew from Sao Paulo to USA, at the last minute, from thin air, I almost chickened out, because was my first flight! But, I also overcame my fears of flying and everything went well…

I take after my father about fear of flying! Hehehe…

Tim, is correct to say “everything went well”? I acknowledge, this sentence sounds strange for me…

Thanks a lot and have a good flying to back to Brazil!


Yes, that is correct to say “everything went well”. And I’m glad you overcame your fear and got on the plane! Congratulations!

Hey, Tim!

I’ve flown in a plane only once, but I wasn’t afraid at all. I guess I was so excited by the experience that I totally overcame my fear of heights. 

We’re all looking forward to your next mini podcast.  Take care.  

Good for you, Guilherme! Actually, we shouldn’t be afriad of flying. It is a tremendously safe mode of transportation. Thank you for your comment!

I haven´t overcome my fear of flying yet, everytime I have to fly I´m affraid to death specially the moment the plane takes off and lands on.

By the way, I was listening to a rock and I understand something like that
“I call you up and you stand me by”, is it the translation
Eu ligo para te convidar e vc espera por mim ? Is it right?

Thanks a lot

To “call someone up” simply means to call them on the telephone. Are you sure the next phrase is “stand me by”?

Hi, Tim
me again with my doubts
Can I use the phrasal verb “get over” in this case?


Yes, you can say you “got over your fear”. That’s correct.

Tim, I am opposite of you. When I was a child and a teenager I was not afraid of flying. Now I am afraid of it. This is not good because you suffer and you lose many oportunities to know others far places. But I can tell you that since the last three years I have been flying again and I think that little by little I will overcome that fear.

Have a good trip in you return.

I am sure you will overcome your fear, José Luiz! We can never let our fears interfere with our life!

Hello Tim! How’re you doing ? Look, I’m not afraid of flying; as a matter of fact, I LOVE FLYING, I love  planes. There’s only one thing I’m really afraid of: NOT TO RECEIVING YOUR VERY USEFUL TIPS ANYMORE… Kkk. Thank you Tim! Go on helping us, and welcome back to Brazil! See you!

Never fear, Tim is here! 😉

Hello Tim, how are you? 
I have a doubt about a expression that I listened last week.
The expression was “Em Tao” and the text was “Em Tao, I think that families are definitely under attack and that the world needs to work a litter bit harder”
See you and have a great Thursday.
Mariana Bérgamo

I am not sure what that meant, Mariana. It is not an expression in English.

Dear teacher,

I do not know the difference between be used and to get used to.
Could you explain at the next opportunity?
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,
Vera Abreu.

Sure, Vera! I’ll try to answer that in a mini-podcast; ok?

Dear teacher.
 I am afraid of not to being fluent in English.
Have nice weekend.

Best regards,
Vera Abreu

You don’t have to be afraid of that, Vera! You speak (write) great!

I´m not afraid to fly. But, I’m afraid of heights, for example when I’m on top of a building

Same here, Ney. I’m always afraid I will jump off or something. 🙂

Hello, Tim! I’m not afraid of flying but, sometimes I’m looking forward to the trip! 
Thank’s for the tips. I love studing english with you! 
I hope you had had a good trip! 
OBS: Eu não sei se escrevi corretamente em inglês… Kkkk
See you! 

Your sentences are great, Ana Paula. Thank you for participating.

Hi, Tim.
Thanks for the tips, one more time.
If I told ‘I am afraid to fly’, would I be wrong or would it just soar bad?

You can say that, too, Karneiro. When you use the gerund (“of flying”), it sound more general. When you use the infinitive (“to fly”), it sounds more direct and immediate. Maybe I should do a mini-podcast about that.

Hi, teacher! Welcome back home!

Sorry for the delay in writing here. I love your podcasts!

And, yes, I’m afraid of not  to receive your mini podcasts for some reason…

Thanks a lot.

Thank you for your comment, Irene! And don’t worry! We’ll keep the tips coming! 🙂


Hello, Tim,

Im afraid to talk english in public but i will overcame this very soon as i can,

Tks so muchu for this website.

Just start talking and don’t think too much about it, Carlos! That’s the best way to overcome your fear.

Nossa MUITO legal, bem bacana e divertido estudar assim… eu vi que a maioria dos comentários estão em inglês mas eu não vou me atrever a comentar assim ainda rsrsrs. Parabéns pelo site!!

Pode ser em português também, Ericarla! O foco aqui é complementar os seus estudos e ajudá-la a aumentar o seu vocabulário e fluência dia após dia. Obrigado pelo seu comentário!

Thank you Tim, for answer my doubt.
Have a great holiday

I am afraid of speaking english, but I will overcome it.

As I told Carlos above, just start talking and don’t think too much about it, Carlos! That’s the best way to overcome your fear.

Hi, Tim
i hope you and your family have a nice trip back to Brazil!
I’m completely afraid of swimming. i tried many times to learn , but it’s impossible for me!!! and I’m ashamed about it because everyboby in my family know how to do it….

Thank you for your comment, Lucia! Have you ever tried swimming lessons at a swimming school?

Hi Tim!
I am not so afraid of flying, but I am so so anxious about flying!! I can’t sleep days before…. but….
So… I am not a chicken… I need to overcome this situation!
Congratulations teacher,
See you!

Really, Eduardo! Why can’t you sleep? Are you too excited about the trip?

I’m afraid to speak in English in interview, i speak like a robot 🙁  

See you Tim !

Just keep on listening and repeating! Practice makes perfect!

Hi Tim Barret !

I overcame my fear be on places, a lots heights !

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