Inglês Todos os Dias #23: Como dizer ‘fazer regime’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #23: Como dizer ‘fazer regime’ em inglês

No mini-podcast de hoje, vou ensinar como dizer 'fazer regime' em inglês, e no final vou sugerir um programa super legal e eficiente para se perder peso! You won't want to miss it! [Você não vai querer perder!] 🙂

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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Are you trying to diet or are you dying to try it?
I am on a diet.
I am going (to go) on a diet.
He needs to go on a diet.
They go on a diet.
Have you ever been on a diet?
Are you going to go on a diet?
I've been on a diet since January.



How about you? Have you ever been on a diet, or are you going to go on a diet? Please tell me about it below.

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7 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #23: Como dizer ‘fazer regime’ em inglês”

Hello Tim!
My daughter is a nutritionist and often talked about diets, work out, nutritional education and suggested me the MyFitnessPal. I liked it. But I think I lied to him a few times
By the way: How often do you work out at a gym?
Good theme to another ITD.
Saulo – Beginner in English but expert in Diet.

I have already been on a diet and now I´m on a diet. I´m having some problems with my knees. I´m happy for the opportunity I´m having to improve my English. I attend English class to be a good teacher. I´m learning a lot with the podcast. Please, correct me if I did some mistakes. Thanks Tim. 

I urgently need to go on diet… but I can’t… I can’t resist a slice of pizza on weekends… 🙂

I need starting to do a nutrition education… I think… Diet don’t work for me…

Hello Tim!
Tentei me expressar com minha “host mother” e tive dificuldades em transmitir uma ideia específica. Como digo “não vou deixar de fazer isso para fazer aquilo outro”, como no exemplo: Não vou deixar de ir ao cinema para estudar. Tem alguma expressão ou phrasal verb que me ajudariam a expressar esta ideia?

Hi everyone!
I think it is “I don’t stop going to the movies to study” or

“I don’t miss going to the cinema to study” Is it right?


I have been on a diet since last january.