Inglês Todos os Dias #148: Como dizer ‘gambiarra’ em inglês (tema da abertura da Olimpíada do Rio)

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Inglês Todos os Dias #148: Como dizer ‘gambiarra’ em inglês (tema da abertura da Olimpíada do Rio)

Você sabia que um dos temas da abertura da Olimpíada do Rio será a "gambiarra"? Vamos conversar sobre isso e aprender a dizer gambiarra em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje.


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The opening ceremony at the Rio Olympics will be built on three basic ''pillars'' touching on sustainability, particularly re-forestation, ''smile'' and the idea of ''gambiarra", the quirky Brazilian art of improvising repairs using whatever parts are available.
rig up
I rigged up a tent between two trees.
I rigged up a simple shower at the back of the trailer.
jury-rig / jerry-rig
The survivors jury-rigged some fishing gear.
The survivors jury-rigged a sail, and headed toward land.
We jury-rigged stage lights using automobile headlights.
Wow, what a jury-rig!
quick fix




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Today's Assignment [Tarefa de Hoje]:

O que você "improvisou"? Que gambiarra você fez? Escreva sobre isso abaixo usando uma destas expressões: rig (something) up ou jury-rig

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29 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #148: Como dizer ‘gambiarra’ em inglês (tema da abertura da Olimpíada do Rio)”

I rigged up a simple blackboard using a piece of dark wood.

Good idea! 🙂

Teacher Tim, you are the best teacher I’ve ever had, because you always rig up good ideas to teach us,like today. Congratulations !! Thank you very much ! 

Hey! Thanks, Carmen!

Thanks again for the great explanations and tips.
I’m not a resourceful person. Otherwise I’d love to contribute with some examples of jury rigs.

You seem quite resourceful to me! 🙂

I do not like jury-rigs. Sorry.

They can be dangerous, at times.

I rigged up my style hair so that I don’t feel embarrassed.

Just remember that “rig up” is more for “mechanical” things. But I guess you can say that in a “comical” way.

The electrician jury-rigged the circuit breaker to bring the light back.

Sounds like a good mechanic!

Hi, Tim. Thanks for the chance you gave us to learn slowly but surely, as you say.
I don’t know if you can remember that in the 80’s there was a television series called Macgyver (Profissão: perigo, aqui no Brasil), a secret agent able to make use of any materials around him to create solutions to any problem he faced.
In an episode of the series, Macgyver made a bomb with a piece of gum, a pencil and a paperclip.
He was the king of the jury-rig.

Yes, I remember that series, Sylvio! Very interesting! And look what I just read about it in Wikipedia:

“Resourceful and possessed of an encyclopedic knowledge of the physical sciences, he solves complex problems by making things out of ordinary objects, along with his ever-present Swiss Army knife.”

I’m a computer technician and, I acknowledge, sometimes I use jury-rig to solve some problems , but, I’m resourceful and my jury-rig works like a charm! 😉

I’m sure it does, Emerson! 🙂

Hi tim!! I’m a master of jury-rigs, but I don’t like to say “jury-rig”, I’m would say an “Alternative technical solution” looks more professional!

kkkk Yes, that *does* sound better! 😀

Have you ever known that MacGyver became a verb because of the series? Watch the definition of it at Oxford dictionary:

US informal

Make or repair (an object) in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand: ‘he MacGyvered a makeshift jack with a log’ ‘he has a pair of rectangular-framed glasses MacGyvered with duct tape’

I rigged up a chair using two little scaffolding.

At least you could sit down. 😀

Hello Tim, 

I don’t used to do rig up, because I think is dangerous, but in many situation is necessary to do it.

Sometimes they ARE dangerous! 😀

My friend Thiago jury-rigged a ruler to use in his algebra classes.


I’m developer of systems, I’m a master of jury-rig!

I bet you are! 😀

um outro artigo dizendo sobre a gambiarra brasileira exemplificada pelo uso do termo em ingles Life Hack

O que acha Tim sobre essa expressao também expressar “gambiarra”.


Olá, Fabricio!

São palavras semelhantes, mas não exatamente iguais. Eu vejo um “hack” como uma dica legal (mesmo que improvisado) de melhorar alguma coisa. Já o jury-rig é uma “gambearra” mesmo.

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