Inglês Todos os Dias #67: Como dizer ‘mandar um abraço’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #67: Como dizer ‘mandar um abraço’ em inglês

Como se diz "mande um abraço para o seu irmão" em inglês? Seria send a hug to your brother? Ou send your brother a hug? Na verdade, nenhum dos dois! 🙂 Vamos aprender uma expressão equivalente a "mandar um abraço para alguém" no mini-podcast de hoje.


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

send | someone | something

Send a hug to your brother.

Send your brother a hug.

Say hello to your brother (for me)

Say hello to David for me.

Tell David I said hello.

Tell him I said hello/hi.



Agora vamos praticar!

"Mande um abraço" para alguém no setor de comentários abaixo - mas em inglês!

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27 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #67: Como dizer ‘mandar um abraço’ em inglês”

Hey there!
Say hello to your nephew Ben!
Get well soon!!

Thank you, Eduardo! He already removed his cast and is doing great! Thank you for your concern!

Hey Tim,

tell David I said hello and Meeeeeeerry Jighxzmasz !! ROTFLOL!! =P

He says Meeeeeeerry Jighxzmasz to you, too! 😀

Say hello to your family Fábio.

Bye bye

Are you a friend of Fábio Abade’s?

I’ve no idea!! HAHAHA

Very good! 
Say hello to your family! 🙂

I will! Thank you, Janna!

Hi Tim!

I really didn’t know “Mande um abraço pro seu irmao” ,thank you!


You know now; right? 🙂

Tim, I didn’t know that. It is easier than I thought. Sometimes we make the things more difficult than they are.
Thank you for the tip.
Say hello to your relatives.

That’s true, José Luiz. Sometimes we overcomplicate things. 

Thanks, I’ll be sure to say hello to them for you! 🙂

Tim, would be possible to say something like: “Give him a hug for me” ?

You can say that, Cenival; but it’s not common for Americans to send “a hug”. If you are saying “hello” to someone who is dear to you, it’s more common to say “Give my love to your mother.”

Hi Tim, 

Thank you for yours podcast, I find you in Itunes and I loved your tips. Listened all audios in two days, already listening again, congratulations this is great. 

Sorry my English I’m learning. 

Don’t stop with podcast, is a big help. 

Hugs, Talita

That’s great, Talita! I am so glad you are enjoying the podcasts! Good luck with your studies!

Hi Tim,
Tell the brazilian friends I said hi

I will, Andrea! Thank you! 🙂

Hello, Tim!

I’ve been off because I’m very busy these days, but, when I can, I post a comment!

So, I say hello to you! 🙂

I bye now!

It’s always great to see you here, Emerson! Thank you for participating!

Tim, I don’t mean be rude, but why didn’t you answer my comment above on 09.15.15 at 23:47.
Thank you.

Oops!  I skipped over you by accident [sem querer]. Sorry about that! 🙂 

Hi Tim,

First off, can you help me with this phrasal verb?
I was texting to an american another day and he finish the msg “hit me up”. 
Is that , envie uma msg para mim? I need to be sure to pass on to my students.
Say hello to all your family (for me)


Hello, Gabriela! “Hit someone up” can have several meanings. Sometimes it means to “ask someone for money/a loan”, etc. Bums (mendigos) often hit you up for some money on the streets. However, in this case “hit me up” means “contact me/call me/e-mail me, etc.”

Say hello to your relatives.

I will, João Pedro! Thank you! 🙂

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