Inglês Todos os Dias #65: Como dizer “melhoras” em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #65: Como dizer “melhoras” em inglês

My nephew Benjamin broke his arm, and my family had a "fique bem logo" party. How do you say "fique bem", "melhore", "melhoras" in English? Como se diz "melhoras" em inglês? Let's find out in today's mini-podcast!

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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Get well soon!

catch-all word

- Benjamin, this is your get-well soon party! - But I still have my cast on!

I hear(d) you came down with the flu. (I hope you) get well soon!



Agora vamos praticar!

1. Faça uma busca no google images com as palavras "get well soon".
2. Complete a frase (no setor de comentários abaixo): I hear/heard you ____(health problem)_______ . (I hope you) get better soon!

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35 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #65: Como dizer “melhoras” em inglês”

I heard you came down with fever. I hope you get well soon! 

Thank you for participating, Evlyn! Great job!

I heard you have got the flu, right? I hope you get well soon!

Thank, Edmilson! I will now after your kind get-well words! 🙂

Hi Tim, I used to say “have a good recovery”. Is this correct? But the expression  “get well soon” sounds more natural. Tkanks.

You can say that, too, Tammy. Both “have a good/speedy recovery” and “get well soon” can be used when you write someone. “Get well soon” is more informal.

I’ve got such a headache today! I’m trying to fooling around at work today until the time to go home.

I hope I get well soon!

Have a nice week!
Bye for now.

Sorry to hear that, Emerson! Get well soon! 🙂

Last class I noticed one of my students with his cast on. All I said to him was “get well soon”.

Thanks, Cristiano! Hope your student’s arm healed properly.

Hi Tim,
I didnt know about this party. Thank you for the tip and I hope Benjamin gets well soon. 

Thank you, Lucia! He will have the cast removed on Friday.

You are always talking about Ben so, I realized he is a very, very loved kid by all your family! I’m sorry to hear he broke his arm, I really hope he gets well soon.
 (By the way, is he a naughty little boy? kkkk)

I heard my friend Karla is having cramps. I hope she gets well soon.

You’re very insightful, Rentata! Yes, he’s the joy of our lives! Thank you for your get-well wishes!

Hello Tim,
I Watched  the webnário.
It’s the  first time  that  I watched it, I really loved it!
Thank you so much for  this program.  I will try  to folow your tips!
I wrote this  correct?please tell me.

Yes, you wrote perfectly correct, Lucy! You could say “did I write this correctly?”; but it is ok to say “I wrote this correct?” informally. Thank you for your participation and kind words!

Hi Tim!

I hope Benjamin gets well soon. I crack my wrist when I was young and I know that is very terrible. Good luck to Benjamin and see you soon in the next class. Bye for now!

Thank you, Agnys! I’ll be sure to pass along your get-well wishes to Benjamin!

Hey there!
I heard my neighbor Glaucio was sick.
So, yesterday we visited him, and before we left his house, I said “we hope you get well soon my friend!!!”. Today he is getting well!!
God bless you Tim!!

Your visit must have cheered him up, Eduardo! 🙂 Thank you for participating here! Have a great rest of the week!

Hi Tim,

I hope your nephew e gets well soon! 
This morning I woke up feeling bad, I think I came down with the flu! :/ 

Have a nice rest of week Tim.

Sorry to hear that, Marcus! I hope you feel better soon! And thank you for your get-well wishes for Benjamin! I am pleased to announce that he will be removing his cast tomorrow!

Hi Tim,
Queria saber como se diz “estou pensando em encomendar um bebe”?
Thanks in advance

I hear you came down with headache . I hope you get well soon!

Hi Tim!

I’ve noticed you speak portuguese like a native speaker, perfect! I see you must be in Brazil for a long time.

Tks for your tips.

See you around!


Thank you, Vera! I first learned Portuguese when I was 8 years old, and have been speaking it ever since.

Invites me to the party Tim!!!!!!!. I hope get well soom brother Benjamin!!!!!

Sorry, Antonio! We already had the party and ate up all the cake! 🙂 Thank you for your get-well wishes!


I heard you came down with the flu. Get well soon. Get well soon.

Thank you, Vicente! I’m feeling much better now! 🙂

Sorry again. I wrote wrong.

It’s fine, Vicente. I don’t see any mistakes.

Tim, First I would like to know how Benjamin broke his arm and when. Also how long he has been with the cast. After I want to say that I am glad that he has already removed the cast. By the way the day before yesterday I passed a midsize dental implant sirurgy . I think I will get well in a few days. I have a question: Can I say I “made” a midsize….. sirurgy… or I went through a midsize dental implant surgery? Wich is the correct or better form? I don’t know If It is polite send my doubts here. I Know you are very busy.Excuse me for it

I heard you came down with the flu. I hope you get well soon.

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