Inglês Todos os Dias #22: Como dizer ‘morrendo de vontade’ em inglês?

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Inglês Todos os Dias #22: Como dizer ‘morrendo de vontade’ em inglês?

O que você está morrendo de vontade de fazer (ou comer) hoje? Aprenda a dizer isso - e outras coisas interessantes - em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!


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Frases/vocabulário no mini podcast de hoje:

I feel like doing something.
Today I got up very early, so I'm dying to take a nap.
I'm dying to do/to take/to go/to see, etc.
I'm dying to see her!
I'm dying for a pizza!
I'm always dying for a cup of coffee in the afternoon.
I feel a little drowsy after lunch.
Let's get on with the show! I'm aching for some fun!
He's dying to see her! He's aching for love!

Produto mencionado no podcast:

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How about you? What are you dying to do? (or) What are you dying for?

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18 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #22: Como dizer ‘morrendo de vontade’ em inglês?”

I Am very excited with your mini podcast, sometimes I don’t Want write anything, cause I am a little shy and I don’t Know if I am writing wrong ir correct…. But I love Your tips ( dicas ) is write ?

You wrote very well, Luziane! Please don’t be afraid to comment here; you did great!

Marvellous tip, Tim. I’m dying to hear you teaching us about the word happen in its others purposes, for example:
“It just so happens( to do or be by chance )that I have her phone number right here” and happen( as an adverb) “Happen it’ll rain later on”. 
I’m burning to hear your next podcast.
Have a great weekend.
See you on Monday.

Will do, Joilson. Thank you for the suggestion. And thank you for the nice comment. I am so glad you are enjoying the daily tips.

“Amado Mestre”
I would like to remind you: In the Podcast #21 you finished (it) so: “What do you feel like doing? -Do your comment.”
I wrote exactly my feeling at that moment.
Saulo = Beginner = a little shy.

Of course, Saulo; and you did a great job! I was just teasing you in today’s podcast. 😉  I really liked your comment!

Hello Tim, I hope all of you are well. As you are always concerned to improve our vocabulary. I have something to tell you.  My dog was very sick this night. It was necessary to keep awake almost all night long. And today, I’m so tired, drowsy. Even that I don’t have feel like doing nothing no way, but anyway, I wrote some words in consideration and carry on with the use the phrases that you are teaching us on (“English every day”)
  It’s a merely unpleasant situation to mention something like this way. But the worst is that, it is a reality.
  Thanks for new phrases

So sorry to hear that, Angelo. I hope your dog is doing better today. (And great job with the new expression!)

I’m so worn out! I’m dying for a nap!

I feel the same today, Monica. It was a busy week! 🙂

Hi, Tim!

Thanks a lot for the mini podcasts! I’ve been studying and listening them very carefully. By the way, I’m looking forward to the next lesson once I’m dying to learn a bit more!

See you!

Thank you, Fábio! It’s great to hear that you are enjoying the mini-podcast and taking advantage of them! We’ll keep them coming!

Thanks a lot good teacher! These expressions i didn´t know

Thank you, Paulo!

Hi Tim, 
in Brazil sometimes we say: ” estou morrendo de saudade ”  How can i say this in English ? I’m dying to miss you ?  
Thanks teacher !

I miss you so much!

Thank you so much Tim

Tom…. now I’m starving. So, I’m dying to eat a whole pizza!

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