Inglês Todos os Dias #46: Como dizer “perdi a hora” em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #46: Como dizer “perdi a hora” em inglês

Aprenda a dizer "perder a hora" em inglês no mini-pocast de hoje, e não faça como o meu aluno que me escreveu e disse que ele "lost the time"!






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"Quem diria que uma história pudesse me trazer tanto aprendizado de inglês em tão pouco tempo."
~ Manoel Avelino Neto

Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I overslept.

Sorry I'm not coming to class today. / Sorry for not coming to class. I overslept.

On Saturday, I overslept and missed class.

I hope you didn't oversleep today.


LET'S PRACTICE! Tell me below about a time that you overslept. [Escreva abaixo sobre uma vez que você overslept.]

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29 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #46: Como dizer “perdi a hora” em inglês”

Hi, Tim. Em português, nós dizemos: “Espero que você não tenha perdido a hora hoje.”
Como seria a versão para inglês? ”I hope you naven’t overslept today” ou a construção básica é a que você ensinou, ”I hope you didn’t oversleep today”?

Olá Karneiro! As duas formas estão corretas:

– I hope you haven’t overslept today.
– I hope you didn’t oversleep today.

Você só não poderia usar a primeira opção (haven’t overslept) se estivesse falando de um momento especificado no passado, por exemplo:

– I hope you didn’t oversleep this morning.

Yesterday I missed my dance class because I overslept.

Is that true, or just an example. 🙂

Today, I overslept and was not run.

Thank you for your sentence, Danielle. I just didn’t understand the part “was not run”. Could you explain that phrase to me, please?

Here in Canada I usually hear people say ‘sleep in’ for a situation like that.
“Sorry I’m running late, because I slept in today.”
“I sleep in on Saturdays.”

Yes, that is another option, Ana. “Sleep in” can also simply mean “dormir até mais tarde”, so it can be used in sentences like “I always sleep in on Sundays.” with a positive meaning. “Oversleep” always has a negative connotation.

Hi, Tim!

I oversleep every day to go to work… I and my alarm clock don’t get along… Hehehe…

Have a lovely week!

I’m not too fond of my alarm clock, either, Emerson. 🙂

I have been working hard every day, so I am having dificult to get up early. I hope I dont oversleep next days.

Hey, José Luiz! WAKE UP!!!!!

(I’m just making sure you didn’t oversleep today. 😉 )


Dear teacher,
I arrived late at work because I overslept.
Best regards.

I hope your boss didn’t notice. 🙂

Hi teacher,
I don’t usually oversleep. Just because my alarm clock works very well! Correct me if I made mistakes here please. Thanks.

Your sentences are correct, Irene. I need one of those alarm clocks! 🙂

Hi, Tim I overslept all weekend because I was so tired.

You need to get more rest, Valeria. 🙂

Hello Tim,

I will hopefully wake up early and not oversleep tomorrow.

See you!

You’d better not have overslept today, Denis! I hope to see you in class soon! 🙂

Today I didn’t oversleep but I missed my classes because my bus broke down on the way to school! Can you help me? What´s the correct form to say: missed time/ lost time or waste of time? thank you.

Hello, Marilene! Great sentence!

Depends on what you want to say. “Desperdiçar tempo” is “waste time”; “perder tempo” is “lose time”.

I missed a ride, because I overslept

What a bummer! I hope it wasn’t too important!

I never overslept and missed class because I wake up early every day before my alarm clock works.

Good for you, Mariza!

Tim, today i overslept and missed my dentist

Too bad, Simone! You’ll have to reschedule the appointment now. 🙂