Inglês Todos os Dias #47: Como dizer “perdi a hora” ou “perdi a noção do tempo” em inglês – parte 2

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Inglês Todos os Dias #47: Como dizer “perdi a hora” ou “perdi a noção do tempo” em inglês – parte 2

"Oversleep" é perder a hora quando você não escuta o alarme e acaba dormindo demais; mas e quando você "perde a hora" por outras razões - porque ficou distraído com a leitura, ou limpando a casa, ou fazendo a sua lição de inglês...? 🙂 Daí usa-se outra expressão. É a mesma expressão usada para se dizer "perder a noção do tempo" em inglês. Vamos aprender a dizer isso no mini-podcast de hoje!


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"O seu método nos coloca num ambiente muito similar com o de um pais de lingua inglesa! "
~ Viviane, Canadá

Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I overslept; that's why I am late for class.

lose/lost track of time

Sorry I'm late. I was recording a podcast and I completely lost track of time.

Every time John plays video games, he loses track of time. Once he stayed up all night playing.

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LET'S PRACTICE! Tell me below about a time that you "lost track of time", like this: I was ______________ing ________ , and I completely lost track of time.

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36 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #47: Como dizer “perdi a hora” ou “perdi a noção do tempo” em inglês – parte 2”

Hi, Tim!

I love to play videogames, it’s my preferred hobby. So, almost always I lose track of time and when I have noticed, is too late.

Have a great day!

Bye for now,

I know how it is, Emerson! I used to get carried away playing video games, too!

I was taking care of my dog, and I completely lost track of time.

I’m sure your dog liked that!

I was at salon doing my facial and i lost track of time, so sorry.

That happens to my wife – and I have to fend for myself for lunch! 🙂

I was watching this podcast and completly lost track of time. When I returned to the kitchen there was boiled milk everywhere!

I should put a warning on our site! 🙂

I was playing with my grandaugther and i completely lost track of time to go to the dentist!

At least you were doing something important! 😉

I was taking care of my garden, so I lost track of time to a meeting with my friend. It would be at 10AM and I left my garden at 11AM

Now you can invite your friend over for tea in your beautiful garden once the flowers grow. 🙂

I was studying English online, and I completely lost track of time. I didn’t go to the gym.

At least it was for a noble cause! 🙂

Hi Tim!

Eu infelizmente não recebi a lição 47 no meu e-mail.

Sorry, Roni, eu errei o número e sem querer pulei o 47. 🙂

In my last trip I lost track of time “at” Duty Free and almost I lost my flight. Tim, here I put “at” because I’ve learned I must put “at” when you are in a definite point. Is this correct? As you know, prepositions are some of the difficulties for many English learners. So if you agree I would like to make a suggestion, in other words, in some podcasts could you teach us about them? Thanks again.

Yes, you can use “at” here, José Luiz. Thank you for the tip! We’ll do that!

Tim, Just to collaborate, I notice you that in the subject of email you have sent us, you have put Unit 48 for this podcast and it is Unit 47. Have a nice weekend.

My bad, José Luiz. I accidentally skipped a number. Thank you for pointing that out.

Ah this is easy happening to me! Every time I open my e-mail to study your podcast I certainly lose track of time, so, I need to do it just after lunch, to avoid some burnt food kkkkk

I have a better idea! Here’s a good motto for you: No English, no lunch! 🙂

You are welcome.

Please Tim,
I was in Boston and I got to  the class late, so I said: Sorry teacher I´m late.
He corrected me, no, Gabriela Say, I´m running late. I got confused.

It’s perfectly ok to say “Sorry I’m late” when you arrive late, Gabriela. Are you sure it wasn’t in another context that he corrected you in? “To run late” is when you are behind schedule or you will *likely* (provavelmente) be late.

Hello Tim! what’s up? I generally lose track of time studying english on internet, especially on “Domineingles”…  🙂 Thank you. (By the way, go visit “Rattlesnake City”, you’ll love it…). Best regards!

I’d love to visit “Rattlesnake City” someday, Gentlemen – as long as we stay away from the rattlesnakes! 🙂

Dear Teacher,
I was talking with my son on the phone and I completely lost track of time.
See you.

It must have been an interesting conversation!

When I work on Photoshop I completely lose track of time

I know what you mean! You can get immersed in the world of Photoshop!

When I was a boy I used to play videogame a lot. My mother always complained about it, because I always lost track of time playing. Once I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. playing, and in the next day I overslept and arrived at school too late.

Is that true, Marcel! 🙂 Great job with the sentences!

When I was  a kid, it was a routine to me, to lose track of time playing football(soccer)

Same here!

I was listening english everyday, and I completely lost track of time.

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