Inglês Todos os Dias #49 [Preposição]: Sonhei com você

Inglês Todos os Dias #49 [Preposição]: Sonhei com você

A primeira vez que meu pai (que estava aprendendo português) ouviu alguém dizer "sonhei com você", ele se assustou. Parecia muito íntimo dizer "com você". Não é assim que dizemos isso em inglês; usamos outra preposição. Aprenda a dizer "sonhei com você" em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I dreamed about you.


What did you dream about last night? [Com que você sonhou?] Please tell me about it below.

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29 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #49 [Preposição]: Sonhei com você”

Hi Tim,

I watched Little Dorrit, the BBC series. When Mr. Clennam woke up, he said to Dorrit, who was beside him:”I dreamed of you.”

Is that the same? 


Hello Amanda. I’m not the teacher Tim, but If I may be so bold, I would like to answer that question.
Dream of means to consider possible or fitting, to think about something that you want very much.
 For example: wouldn’t dream of disturbing you. 
I dream of one day working for myself and not having a boss.

Does it make sense? 

Yeah, It makes sense.
Thank you very much indeed!

Thank you for posting the answer here, Joilson. That’s the way I use it, too.

Hi Tim. “I hadn’t dreamed for a very long time, but If I could choose I would be dreaming about a nation with no corruption under God.” Changing the subject, I’d like to suggest an idiom for one of the next podcasts. “Bem feito”. When your parents say something like, “Nao faca isso! Voce teima e faz!” Eles dizem, “Bem feito! Eu te avisei, voce nao escuta!” em ingles seria assim, como voce ja deve saber, “Serves you right, I told you, you don’t listen!” Abracao Tim, Deus esteja abencoando o teu trabalho.

That’s a good dream to have, Vagner! It reminds me of Martin Luther King’s speech, “I have a dream”. Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll do that!


Is it ok to say: I had a dream about it,  instead of: I dreamed about it?

Tks! 🙂

Yes, you can say that, too, Melina.

Hi Tim, 
I dreamed about my son-in-law (that is a show-off person), coming back from Miami
wearing a funny hat and sunglasses, and bragging about himself all the time.
It was really weird but funny!! rsrs

Was that a dream or a nightmare, Gabriela? hahaha

Hi, Tim! I’m glad to hear you again…

So… I dreamed about my youngest son last night. He has moved to Espirito Santo and I miss him…

Thanks for your help…

It must be hard to have your son so far away, Irene. I hope you can see him in person soon.

Hello Tim!

Now that I am not attending the english classes anymore, your e-mails help a lot! Congratulations!

Hope to come back to our classes some day.


Hey, Beatriz! Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello! How are you, your hubby and daughter doing? 🙂

Hi Guys…
cara adorando demais vou baixar todos os mini podcast…
parabens pelo trabalho…e tentando muito dar um “boost” no meu ingles..
see you later..
I dreamed about nothing…rsrs black,black 
bye bye..

Thank you for your nice comment! After listening to all the podcast, I think you will end up dreaming in English! 🙂

Ah! I always dream about me speaking English fluently!(rs) I hope some day it comes true!

It’s already coming true, Marilene!

Hi, people.
Agreeing with what Joilson said to Amanda: “I always dreamed of being rich and famous”.
I’m kidding. That’s just a statement. 

P.S.: Where’s Tim?

I’m here! 🙂 Sorry, had a rather busy day today. Good sentence, by the way! That’s the way I use “dream of”, too.

I am looking forward for (Is it for Tim?) my trip to Toronto, Boston and New York next year. So I am often dreaming about my trip tha I am there speaking English.

Hello, José Luiz! I perfectly understood your sentence; but the correct preposition is “look forward TO”. The rest of the sentence is correct.

Tim, I don’t know how many times I said “Thanks”, but once more “Thanks again”.

Dear Teacher!

I dreamed about my grandchildren.

I bet that was a happy dream, Vera!

Tim, when I tried to listen the postcast i received the message file not found 🙁

Olá Janaina! Eu tentei aqui, e deu certo. Você tentou pelo link ” Clique AQUI”?

I dreamed about traveling to the japan ,  but first of  all i’m suppose to learn english more just to improve my skills .

You can already travel to Japan, Custodio! Just “jump in the water” and start talking to people! 🙂

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