Inglês Todos os Dias #55: Como dizer ‘tem sabor de’ em inglês – Queijo meia-cura tem sabor de chocolate?

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Inglês Todos os Dias #55: Como dizer ‘tem sabor de’ em inglês – Queijo meia-cura tem sabor de chocolate?

Queijo meia cura tem sabor de chocolate! Foi isso que meu sobrinho de dois anos achou. Mas ele disse isso em inglês. Com se diz que algo tem sabor de alguma coisa em inglês? Vamos aprender a dizer isso no mini-podcast de hoje!






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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

It tastes like chocolate.

half-matured cheese

The cheese tastes like chocolate.

What does jiló taste like?

african eggplant

I don't know what jiló tastes like.


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~ Viviane, Canadá


Complete this sentence (in the comments section below):  __________ tastes like ____________ .

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30 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #55: Como dizer ‘tem sabor de’ em inglês – Queijo meia-cura tem sabor de chocolate?”

Going to the mountains tastes like a adventure! 🙂

Good job with the sentence, Ney. It’s not very common to use “taste of” in a figurative way like that in the U.S.; but I guess you can say that poetically.

Hello…!! my dear teacher! 
What does jaca fruit taste like?
For me it tastes like overripe banana.
Kkkkk, what do you think!!

I agree with you, Eduardo. 🙂

“to taste like” pode ser usado em um sentido figurativo, como o Ney o usou em seu comentário?

Olá, Djan. Não, essa frase não é comum no inglês como no português; mas digamos que ele pode dizer isso poeticamente, se quiser.

Hello Tim! Look, I  like Jiló a lot,  so I also think it tastes like chocolate or any other very tasty thing…   🙂 Thank you! Bye!

You like jiló, Gentleman!! Are you sure we are talking about the same thing?! 🙂

Hi Tim!

Here, in Rio Grande do Sul, people love “chimarrão”. I’s called “doce amargo”. In my opinion jiló doesn’t taste like “chimarrão” because it is very bitter, you know, “bitter bitter”! Correct my mistakes here please.

No corrections needed, Irene. You did a great job! Thank you for sharing those interesting facts about chimarrão.

Yeah, Tim,  Sure thing!  I appreciate a good half-matured cheese too but I really LOVE Jiló… Best regards! 🙂

There’s no accounting for taste, Gentleman! 🙂

Hi, Tim.

In fact, I don’t know what jiló tastes like because I never had the courage to taste it. 😛

Have a good mini-holidays! 😉

Bye for now!

You’re a smart guy, Emerson! Better stay away from that stuff. haha

Tim can I say that “Chocolate tastes like a mother’s love! ?”

Hello, Quelem! Like I said above, it’s not so common in English to use “taste like” in a figurative way. But you can say that poetically, if you want.

Tim, do you know ‘jabuticaba’? It tastes like ‘fruta do conde’ that is another delicious fruit.

Yes, I like jabuticaba. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted fruta do conde, though.

I love to travel, it takes like passion fruit! Do you like it?

What tastes like passion fruit, Maria? I do like passion fruit, though.

Review the article’s title 😉

Corrected, Thiago. Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂


O o tema escrito está “saber de” 
Bom trabalho
See you!

Thank you, Marivan! I corrected it there.


Have you ever tasted some “frog” for lunch? Well, I have. It tastes like chicken. Oh, I’d better add I didn’t know I was tasting some frog back then…LOL

I think I’ll stay with the chicken… Since it tastes the same anyway! 🙂

Tim, very funny what your nephew said. I think is because both taste good, melt in the mouth and give you pleasure like chocolate. Anyway here is mine phrase: Mate tea in the milk taste like coffee. Do you know our chá mate?

Yes, and I really like it, too!

Brownie tastes like chocolate cake.
By the way, they’re very similar. Don’t you agree ?

Yes, in a way. But brownies are brownies! One of my favorite cakes, by the way! 🙂