Inglês Todos os Dias #105: Como dizer ‘topar’ ou ‘estar a fim de’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #105: Como dizer ‘topar’ ou ‘estar a fim de’ em inglês

Você topa aprender uma expressão nova em inglês? Então vamos conhecer uma âncora de notícias do Fox News e aprender a dizer "eu topo" ou "eu estou a fim de" em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!


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Ana Kooiman loves to have fun, and is pretty much up for anything.
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up for
She is pretty much up for anything.
...if you are not up for an açaí today.
I'm always up for an açaí with a friend.
What are you up for today?
Are you up for a party?
Are you up for a pizza?
Are you up for an açaí at Casa do Açaí?
Are you up for studying English?



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How about you? What are you up for today? Please tell us about it in the comments section below.

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40 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #105: Como dizer ‘topar’ ou ‘estar a fim de’ em inglês”

I´m up for studying english at Domine Inglês, the best I´ve ever known!

Good for you, Evlyn!! 🙂

Hello, I´m up for bike ride today!
 I want understand one thing more pretty in portuguese is “Bonita”, “linda”, but this context is “praticamente”?

Hello, Pierre!
“Pretty” is an adjective – bonita
But it is also an adverb – pretty good (razoalvelmente bom), pretty much (praticamente), etc.

I´m always up for going out with my friends! 🙂 

I hope you are invited out by your friends soon, Fernanda.

Hello Tim! Of course I am up for studying English. By the way I think that a related answer, specially for someone that is not up for doing something could be: “I don’t feel like (eating pizza) today”. It sounds pretty native and for some newbies is confusing.

Olá Tim, Claro que estou a fim de estudar Inglês. A propósito, eu acho que uma resposta relacionada, especialmente para alquém que não está a fim de fazer algo poderia ser: “Eu não tô a fim de (comer pizza) hoje”. Sôa bastante nativo e para alguns novatos é confuso.

YEs, that is another possibility.

I am not up for = Eu não estou a fim/disposto
I don’t feel like = Eu não tenho vontade

Hey, Tim! I’m up for eating a pizza, after a long day of work… 

Sounds like a great idea! You deserve it!

I´m up for horseback riding

My son loves horses! Where do you ride?

Hi guys, I’m up for  traveling around the world!

You sound like a real globetrotter!

Dear Tim, thank you sou much for your podcasts; to me, great lessons during my day by day outdoor running – yes, you’re one of my preferred partners to this activity.

Well, and replying your question, today – and everyday – I’m up for studying, not only English, but about investments, digital marketing, business and mindset contents.

Have a great an amazing day – and in your future podcasts, I’ll wait your “Hello” to me (laughs).


I’ll be sure to give you a shoutout in a future episode, Andre!

Since I am your companion during your daily runs, do you think I will lose weight that way? 🙂

Hello, tim. I’m Up for studying English.

Good for you, Fábio!

I’m up for a pizza tonight, in fact, I’m eating a slice of pizza now!

Stop tempting me!!

Hello Tim!!, Grace and Peace!!, .. I’m up for speak with God today at night in the church!!

Great plan, Diego!

I’m up for learning English with Domine English every day…

Good for you, Kelvyn!

Hi Tim, I’m up for going to the park all day make a run and study English afternoon, have a nice day and thanks for your podcast…

Great, Denilson! Good luck with your exercising!

I’m up for a bike ride every day!

It seems like you like to stay in shape!

I’m always up for a soccer game with a friends.

Same here! I just wish I were in better shape.

Hey Tim, are you up for continuing to teach us English until we really learn?! (Is that correct?) Bye!

I’m always up for helping dedicated students like you, Edison! It’s a pleasure!

I’m up for going to gym today

That’s great, Julianno! Let’s get our bodies moving!

i’m always up for an açaí at açaí na tigela in Ribeirão Preto

Don’t they have a açaí in Jardinópolis, Graziela? You’ll have to come to Jundiaí, and Aunt Lidia and I will take you to Casa do Açaí! It’s the best! 🙂

that’s great idea! I want a lot to try an açaí at casa do Açaí

We’re still waiting for your visit! 🙂


I’m up for speaking english personally with you.

Who know one day we’ll have that opportunity, Vicente!

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