Quem venceu, Trump ou Hillary? Como dizer ‘vencer’ em inglês [Inglês Todos os Dias #161]

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Quem venceu, Trump ou Hillary? Como dizer ‘vencer’ em inglês  [Inglês Todos os Dias #161]

Quem venceu o primeiro debate para as eleições presidenciais dos Estados Unidos? 

Nem sempre usamos o verbo 'win' para se dizer 'vencer' em inglês. Vamos conversar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje.


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Who won the debate yesterday? Did Hillary beat Trump, or did Trump beat Hillary?
win – won - won
Who won the debate?
Did Hillary win?
Did Trump win?
Trump beat Hillary.
Hillary beat Trump.
beat – beat - beaten
I always beat my brother, and I beat him yesterday.
He beats me, to tell you the truth.
Palmeiras beat Corinthians.
Palmeiras won.





Let's practice! Write a sentence with the verb 'win' or 'beat' in the comments section below.

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27 comments “Quem venceu, Trump ou Hillary? Como dizer ‘vencer’ em inglês [Inglês Todos os Dias #161]”

Fernando Haddad beat Marta Suplicy in the last debate!
São Paulo futebol Clube never more won!

Good job, Rosana!

marcos beat adrielli in the last debate!

Lots of debates going on! 😀

I beat my friend in soccer 
Brasil beat Argentina in last month.

Yay! It’s always good to beat Argentina! 😀

Oi, Tim!
Adoro seu podcast, escuto direto e já indiquei pro meu irmão, que está começando a aprender inglês também. Tenho uma dúvida: você poderia explicar a expressão “put the … in …”? Já vi em vários lugares, tipo “put the pain in Spain”, “put the fun in funeral”, mas ainda não faço ideia de como traduzi-la. Obrigada!

Sure, Jéssica. We’ll talk about that.

Corinthianos are very happy because Grêmio beat Palmeiras. 🙂

Well, we can win all of them! 😀

Hi, Tim.

My soccer team always beat Palmeiras (rsrsrs).

Don’t you wish! 😀

Hillary beat Trump last Monday. In my opinion, Hillary has some politics experience then Trump  

Did you watch the debate in English or Portuguese?

I beat my friend in tenis

Cruzeiro didn´t win the last game, but to tell you the truth it´s pretty bad

Good job, Dora! And better luck for Cruzeiro next time! 🙂

I wish the election in São Paulo was won for major Olimpo, but I think Joao Doria beat Celso Russomano in sp 

The elections are tomorrow; right?

Th olympic games in Brazil won much challenges, but american beat chineses in general chart of medals.

Yes, the Chinese didn’t do so well this time.

I always beat my friends when we playing Fifa 17 videogame. I’ll win forever! Hehehe…

You should play my brother, or me… I’m not sure you could beat us! 😀

Well, let’s check it out… Hehehe… When you can, call me for a challenge! 😉

I beat my brother in a chess match last weekend.

Congratulatons! I used to love to play chess.

Hi Tim How are you?

Ithink Hillary beat Trump in the debate

I think Hillary will win the election in November

Hillary’s gonna win for President

Hi There!

In my view, Trump beat Hillary in the dead heat rally Presidential ending.

Next October, Hillary’s declassified emails will come up and her stamina will vanished into air . In the end, I hope she’ll be defeated. She’s a pretender to the Presidency!

What goes around comes around!

Vera Graña from Spain

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