Inglês Natural #05: Qual é mesmo? | Inglês Todos os Dias #350

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Inglês Natural #05: Qual é mesmo? | Inglês Todos os Dias #350

Como é mesmo que se diz "qual é mesmo" em inglês? Vamos aprender mais este "discourse marker" no mini-podcast de hoje!

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What's your name again?
discourse markers
Can you say that again?
Come again?
What's ____________ again?
What's your age again?
What did you say your name was again?
What did you say again?
What's ___________ again?
What's net neutrality again?
What's it called again?
What's the difference again?
What's your sites address again?


Let's practice! Complete the following sentence in the comments section below.

What's _________________ again?

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41 comments “Inglês Natural #05: Qual é mesmo? | Inglês Todos os Dias #350”

Good afternoon.
What’s color your car again, please?
thank you

It’s gray-ish. 🙂

What’s her surname again?
What’s his job again?
What’s your soccer team again?

Palmeiras! 😀

What’s your name again?

Timothy Lee Barrett

What’s your age again?

Can you keep a secret? 😀

what’s father’s name again?


What’s the best English course again?


What’s your sister’s name again?
what’s that again?
Coritiba won the game last sunday. Come again?

I know. It’s hard to believe. 😀

what’s internet laugh in english again?
(em português kkkk)

What did you say your university was again?

I graduated from a Baptist University in the States.

What’s your name again?
What did you say again?
what’s your age again?
What’s the difference again?

Good job!

What’s did your mother’s name again?

What’s your favorite tv program again?

What’s is your preferred sport again?

What’s name that book again?

How did you try it again?

What’s your favorite food again?

What’s your phone number again?

What’s buy in the supermarket again?

What did you read the last pharagraph again?

I’m taking natives lesson so I wanna say – What’s this for again? It’s for your party.

What’s the your course called again?

What’s your address again?

Hi Tim! How are you doing?

If I join to the course “como falar inglês em 21 dias” Will I speak English like nobody’s business?

What’s your sites address again? I now, but this is exercise.

Wath’s is that in your arm again?

I didn’t got it. Come again, please?

What’s Color your eyes again?

What’s your favorite serious again?
What’s her name again?

What’s your favorite serie again?

Good job!

Whats`s your next destination trip again?

Whats her email address again?

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