Inglês Todos os Dias #77: Como se diz ‘acabou’ em inglês (parte 5) – ‘Eu acabei fazendo alguma coisa’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #77: Como se diz ‘acabou’ em inglês (parte 5) – ‘Eu acabei fazendo alguma coisa’ em inglês

Como você diria que "acabou fazendo alguma coisa" em inglês? Precisamos conhecer um phrasal verb específico para comunicar essa ideia.


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I was tripping on the bus and fell on a Brazilian girl.

trip (noun) / travel (verb)

I was traveling on the bus, and I ended up sitting next to a Brazilian girl.

I came to Brazil and ended up teaching English.

I took the wrong road, and ended up in Jundiaí.

I ended up doing something.

I ended up living in Jundiaí.

You started listening to these mini-podcasts, and ended up speaking English very well.

I ended up being a good student.

I hope you end up on our site!



Tarefa de hoje: Escreva uma sentença com o phrasal verb 'end up' no setor de comentários abaixo.

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70 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #77: Como se diz ‘acabou’ em inglês (parte 5) – ‘Eu acabei fazendo alguma coisa’ em inglês”

Hello guys, i studied physics in university but, maybe because of destiny i ended up knowing  the programing system and i changed to computer Engineering.

Life is full of these “forks in the road”. We never know where we are going to end up. That’s what makes it exciting!

Para avaliação:

If I studied more I would end up being a better student.
I’ve lost the keys and ended up sleeping out!

Obrigado, Tim!

You got it, Adriano! Great job with the sentences!

Thanks, Tim! Merging some podcasts’ lessons, could I say: “I overslept, got behind my today’s tasks and ended up doing nothing all day”?

Sure, Adriano. Is that all true? 🙂

I started listening this podcast and ended up learning a new prhasal verb. By the way, the correct number of this episode is 77 insted of 76

Glad you learned the Phrasal Verb, Paulo! Good job with the sentence! Thank you for the correction! I already changed it up there.

After a lot of research on the web I ended up stumbling upon the amazing “domine inglê”. Now I am looking forward to the next episode. By the way Tim, do not stop when reach a hundred mini-podcasts, because we can end up crying like a baby my friend.

Me too! lol

Thanks, guys! I am so glad you found us and participate here with us!

I won’t, Sergio! But we should have a 100th episode celebration!

I traveled and worked around the world and I ended up getting married with a girl from my hometown.

So you ended up marrying the “girl next door”. 🙂 ==> <== Link

When I went go to college, I passed in front of a school every day. Today, I work at this school, and I’m Network Administrator.

Interesting. So you ended up working at this school.

I ended up taking a day off this week, but I ended up working for her last night then I ended up coming late to my work.

Wow, lots of things happened this week! Who did you end up working for? Your wife?

I tried to be a good student and to learn your podcast very well, but I ended up making several mistakes, I so sad, because I ended up failing my TOEFL test.

Never give up, Milton! Just keep on studying and take the test again when you’re ready!

I beg your pardon, but …

Não era para ser o número 77? O anterior já foi 76.



Yes, thank you, Evaldo! I already corrected it.

How come?!!! The Flash??!!!!

Hey Tim! thanks a lot for this mini podcast. I’ve been listen it when i go to my job by bus. I listened 76 podcast in just ONE week! I’m a addicit… God bless you for share it with us! One more time THANK YOU…

Wow, Luiz Fernando! You must be tired of hearing my voice! 🙂 I hope you learned a lot during that week!

On Saturday night I was making a cake and I ended up putting wrong ingredients. So sad :/

That happened to my wife last week, too. Fortunately she made another one! 🙂

Hi Tim,
long time…
and I´m really happy you ended up teaching english and helping us A LOT.

Thank you, Gabriela! And it’s great to see you back here again!

Hi Tim,
and I ended up not signing up the Present Perfect course and I lost this great opportunity.

Too bad!!

We’ll reopen the course here in a few weeks, Gabriela. Thank you for your interest!

i start listen your class and I ended up falling in love about this language!!!

I started to study your minipodcast and ended up learning a new phrasal verb

So glad you stopped by here and learned it, Francisco!

I was traveling on the bus and sat next to a very handsome boy and ended up
marrying him…We have been married for 23 years!!!

How interesting, Vera! Is this a true story?

Wow yes!This is my story!!!

I was looking for improving my English and I ended up finding your website “Domine Inglês”! Now I’m addicted 

So glad you found our site, Gislaine!

I was searching for a good website about English and i ended up finding out your website. After that, my will of learning that language became bigger than ever. Then, i ended up loving your work. Lots of things about English makes sense for me right now because of your perfect explanations. I want to enjoy each lesson. Slowly, but surely!

How nice to hear that, Jorge! Thank you for your kind words! Quoting a famous movie producer: “It’s always gratifying to hear that people are excited by something that you’ve been excited to make.”

In las July I went to Chile. Before going I studied Spanish a litte. I tought I had learned enough for speaking Spanish there and Portunhol. As soon I arrived in the hotel I tried to speak Spanish or Portunhol to the receptionist but she could’t understand me well and vice versa. So I ended up speaking with her, in English. That’s true and I tought I could speak Spanish or Portunhol. kkkkk

It’s a good think you both spoke English! 🙂

I was listening this podcast and ended up writing this comment.

So glad you did, Thyago! Thank you for participating!

I was reading a book and ended up falling asleep.

I often fall asleep reading a book, too!

I listen your posts and I always end up learning much English.

That’s great, Ellen! Thank you for your comment!

I Was Watching a movie, and I ended up sleeping

I don’t usually fall asleep in movies, unless I am very tired; but my wife always does. 🙂

You remembered her name! 🙂

Yes, I’m her niece…rs

Oh!!! Now I know who you are! You’re my niece, too, then! 🙂 I didn’t know you were in our community! So glad to see you here!

yes, I’m here, through indication of my father. I’m learning a lot with podcast. Glad to see you too. thanks

Tell my brother-in-law I said hello! 😉

Hi Tim…

I ended up being good student because i love speaking english.

That’s great, Vicente! When you love a subject, it is much easier to learn!

I think I take after Aunt Lydia hehehehehehe

in order to learn the mini podcasts I ended up opening my e-mails every day.

I was searching for a english teatching podcast and ended up finding Tim’s podcast, which is great. I’m loving it!

So glad you found us, Helio!

AK, U.S.A.? Wow! I’ve never been there, but I hear it’s beautiful!

I went to AK on vacation and I ended up falling in love with that state! 🙂 (Is the sentence correct, Tim?)

 I Started to hear these mini-podcasts and i ended up buying four products “Phrasal Verbs With the Letter”, but these week I ended up losing the opportuniry on signing the “Present Perfect in 14 days”. That´s too bad! When wiil i have another chance Tim?

It’s available right now, Paulo. Just click on the “Present Perfect in 14 days” box (on the top left).

Is correct if I say : 
I ended up not doing something ?
What I mean is “Eu acabei não fazendo”

Thank you

That’s correct, Will!

I was listening to music and ended up listening to your podcasts.

So glad you found us!

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