Inglês Todos os Dias #75: Como se diz ‘acabou’ em inglês (parte 4)

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Inglês Todos os Dias #75: Como se diz ‘acabou’ em inglês (parte 4)

Aprenda mais uma forma de dizer que alguma coisa acabou, ou que você ficou sem alguma coisa, antes que o tempo acabe...






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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

Class is over.
This podcast is not over yet.
I am done. / I am finished.
I am done/finished recording.
I am out of paper.
My printer was printing out the report, and suddently it ran out of paper.
The printer ran out of paper.
run - ran - run
I/We ran out of paper. / The paper ran out.
We are out of paper. / We ran out of paper. / The paper ran out.
We ran out of money for the month. / We are out of money.
I am running out of time.
Time is running out. / We are running out of time.
I was coming to class and I ran out of gas. / I was coming to class when the gas ran out.
I ran out of time.

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Agora vamos praticar (no setor de comentários abaixo)! Complete a frase:

I ran out of __________ .

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28 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #75: Como se diz ‘acabou’ em inglês (parte 4)”

Hi Tim,
I saw now the new podcast in my timeline, but when I listen that, noticed was the same as the last.

Hello, William! Thank you for pointing that out. Somehow iTunes got it all messed up; but I already posted a new page named “Inglês Todos os Dias #75: Audio Corrigido” until they sort it out.

I was out of town for a few days and when I came back I ran out of your 14 lessons about Present Perfect! I didn’t recive any e-mails about how to buy it, and it is finished yet? how can I get it now?

I’d like to buy these lessons too.

Thank you for your interest, Adriano. It’s available now (until we reach 50 students).

Welcome back, Marilene! The PRESENT PERFECT LESSONS are available now!

My kids hate that! But we are running out of Nutella!rsrsrsr

Yum! You’d better go and buy some right away! 🙂

A appreciate your leeson. Thanks

You’re welcome, Francisco! Thank your comment!

what’s diference between I am lack of money and  I am out of money

If you lack money, Francisco, you don’t have enough (falta dinheiro); if you are out of money, you don’t have any (acabou/você está sem).

I was running around the park when I ran out of breath! (Can I say I ran out of gas?)

That’s correct the way you wrote it, José Luiz! I ran out of breath.

May I say “my patience is running out”?

Sure, Levi. But I hope that is not true! 🙂

I ran out of food, it´s time to go to the market

Have a good time at the grocery store!

I ran out of time, I need to sleep.

Time flies!

I ran out of ink.

For your printer?

My battery is about to die. Or should I say My battery ran out?

Hi, Monica. Actually, we usually say “run down” for batteries. (See tip 87). If it is “about to die”, then it is “running down”.

I am running out of time to do the IELTS Test. It will be in December. But, if I study, it will pay off (or will be worth it – is it correct? podcast 272)!

Hello, Thiago! You can say it both ways (pay off, be worth it). Great job! And good luck with your studies!

I ran out of time to complete my English lessons.

You can do it later!

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