Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #10: Como usar o pronome “it” (parte 1) |As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #10a

Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #10: Como usar o pronome “it” (parte 1) |As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #10a

As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #10 - Parte 1 | Vamos começar a entender o pronome "it"! O que será que ele tem a ver com cascavéis?

Estamos aprendendo as 100 palavras mais usadas na lingua inglesa. De acordo com o livro The Reading Teachers Book of Lists, Third Edition as primeiras 25 palavras dessa lista representam aproximadamente um terço de todo o material escrito em inglês, e as cem que estamos aprendendo representam aproximadamente metade. Vamos aprender todas e estaremos bem encaminhados no domínio da língua inglesa.

Hoje vamos começar a DOMINAR a décima palavra mais comum em inglês: it (part 1)


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I strongly recomend that...

- Where is my Palmeiras shirt? - It's in the drawer.

- Where's my pen? - You left it by the phone.

- Where is your office? - It is on the third floor.

This is a rattlesnake, and it lives in the desert.

Clique AQUI para começar a DOMINAR o inglês básico.



Escreva abaixo uma frase - qualquer frase - com o pronome "it".

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43 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #10: Como usar o pronome “it” (parte 1) |As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #10a”

Tim, your mini podcasts help me a lot and I love IT. Tim, I have a question today: Why “Consulate General” instead of “General Consulate” (Adjective BEFORE Noun) ? By the way, I live in Betim, MG, but I’m from CASCAVEL, Paraná… Thank you, Tim. God bless you! 🙂

What a name! Are there many rattlesnakes there?!

That’s a good question. I believe the answer is that it is a title of distinction. Here are some other examples:

Surgeon General (there are many “general surgeons, but only one with the title “Surgeon General”)
Attorney General
Inspector General
Secretary General

IT was a hard day. That’s why I want to go to bed soon.

Good idea! (Going to bed early.) And good job with your sentence!

Hi, Tim!

Thanks for the great tip and I’m learning a lot with these tips.

And, with my patience and persistence to learning English, one day, if it is God’s will, I’ll learn it.

Have a good day!

You sure will, Emerson! Nothing beats persistence!

Today I should take my dog for a walk. But IT is raining a lot and I think I will not. My wife told me that I should take IT out even so. I looked for an umbrella but I didn’t find IT.

Great sentence, José Luiz! If you want (se você quiser), you can use “he” or “she” for your dog, though.

Hi,Tim! I bought a new car last week.It´s confortable, beautil and very strong.The This color is gray.I like it very much. Thank you for your attencion.

It sounds like a nice car! I hope you enjoy it!

Hi Tim! Thank you for your reply on “Consulate general”. By the way, it’s said that there were really many “Cascavéis” in my  city in former times…  See you Tim! Best regards!  🙂

Oh, boy! Are there any around now?

Hi Tim! Sorry, I’m late here. I listened to your podcast and I understood it. You’re a great teacher.
And I once visited Cascavel, I liked it, it’s a very nice city! And I didn’t see any rattlesnake there! 

Thank you, Irene! So glad you understood it! And glad to hear there are no rattlesnakes in Cascavel. I’ll have to visit it someday!

IT is an interesting pronoun. Can I change it  by THAT or THIS too? 

Yes, you can, Marilene.

Palmeiras Tim? No accounting for taste!

IT’S the best team in Brazil! 🙂 Are you São Paulino? ahem! 🙂

It was so dark in my house…

Did the lights go out?

Hello Tim, I agree with the Paulo, Palmeiros?? The best time is Corinthians with all shure about it.

Are you delirious, Carlos? haha

você faz um admirável trabalho.
o mundo precisa de mais pessoas
assim, com carisma em ensino que
instiga a todos. abraço!

Thank you, Josué! I really appreciate your kind words!

It is a pencil.

Where is my notebook? 
It is in the bag.

Glad you found it!

Where is my special book?

It’s on the couch

that’s a my exelente!

it’s this me very helping these podcasts. ???

“Where’s the nest?
It’s right over there
I see it!”

What is this? it is my shirt.

Where is my English book?
It’s in your table!

I’m very happy because I have a new toy and it is so cute.

I’m living in Perth, it’s a gorgeous city in western Australia

It is very stranger.

Where’s my smartphone? You left it by the bed.

Hello Tym, I´m very happy with yours podcasts

where is my car? It´s in the garage for maintenance

It’s the best site in English

Where is my cruzeiro jersey? It’s in the champions drawer.

Do you play for Cruzeiro? 😀

– Where’s my pen? – You left it by the phone.

Hi Tim,estou amando muito os mini podcast
Isso está me ajudando muito muito mesmo.

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