Inglês Todos os Dias #53: Como usar ‘such as’ em ingles | Meu sobrinho é um motorista tão bonitinho!

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Inglês Todos os Dias #53: Como usar ‘such as’ em ingles | Meu sobrinho é um motorista tão bonitinho!

Meu sobrinho é um motorista tão bonitinho; você não acha! Veja o "chat" da minha família no Whatsapp, e aprenda a usar a estrutura 'such as' em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!


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Mensagem de Whatsapp mencionada no podcast:


Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

He's such a cute driver!

He's such a good boy!

You are such a smart student!

My wife is such a good cook!

This was such an interesting lesson!

Since you are such a good student, please write a sentence in the comments section below!


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"O seu método nos coloca num ambiente muito similar com o de um pais de lingua inglesa! "
~ Viviane, Canadá


Now it's your turn! Please write a sentence using 'such a'in the comments section below.

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42 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #53: Como usar ‘such as’ em ingles | Meu sobrinho é um motorista tão bonitinho!”

Pr. Tim´s such a good pastor!

And you’re such a good friend and brother in Christ!

It’s so good we have today’s mini-podcast!

Hello, Sara! Thank you for participating! You gave a great example for us to compare! I took the liberty to make a little correction. In your sentence, we need to use another structure:

be + so + adjective

“Such” only works with this structure:

be + such + a/an + adjective + noun

Maybe I will do another mini-podcast with the other structure.

Thanks again for participating!

I’m sorry Tim. Sorry, I was doing two things at once.

My answer to this mini podcast: It’s such a good thing we have today’s mini-podcast!

And it’s such a good thing you wrote another sentence! Thanks again! Now I have another structure to show in a future mini-podcast: It’s such a good thing [é tão bom;ainda bem]

Hello, Tim!

The life is such a good, let’s live it!

Is it correct? Is it okay to say in that way?

Hello, Emerson.  Only use “such” when you have a noun. In this case you should say “Life is so good”. Thank you for participating and for your question.

Hello, Tim. I have a doubt about one of the sentences presented above:
My wife is such a good cook. In this case, I would use cooker instead of cook. Would it be correct ? I think I learnt that cook = cozinha and cooker = cozinheira.
Thanks a lot !

Hello, Ricardo!  A cooker is a type of pan. A person who cooks is called a cook, not a cooker. 

Thank you for such a comment

 Very good, Francisco.  You  correctly used another meaning of the word “such”. Maybe we can talk about this one in another podcast. Thank you for participating. 

He’s such a pretty boy.

Thank you, Sandra! I’m a proud uncle! 🙂

Hi Tim,

You are such a good teacher and we are happy to have your podcast! Thanks!

Thank you, Irene! You made my day!

Posso dizer simplesmente : He’s so cute!  ?  (without the noun)

Yes, Elvira! That’s the correct way to say it without the noun: He’s so cute! [Ele é tão bonitinho!]; He such a cute boy! [Ele é um garoto tão bonitinho.]

You are such a great teacher, Tim.

Thank you, Edymara! 🙂 And you’re such a good participant here! It’s great to have you here!

If we practice daily, English is not such a difficult language.

True, Mário! And it gets easier every day! 🙂

Hi, Tim. I agree that little Ben is such a cute and smart boy.
When using plural nouns, do we use ‘some’ as in the regular forms?
Ex. They’re such SOME cute boys.
Is that right?
Thanks and God bless you all.

Hello, Karneiro! Thank you for your nice comment! Not, it is nos necessary. Just say “They’re such cute boys!”

Muito bom Tim,
You are such a great teacher!
Mas tiem, no entrndi o porquê do título do podcast ser “such as” e temos uma explicação sobre o “such a” que que são bem diferentes… Não?.

Great job!

Is pretty good having a mini podcast every day. It´s such a usefull thing. Thanks, Tim.

Thanks for sharing one more great tip with us, Tim, As such,  I could not miss the opportunity to express my gratitude faced with such a good tip like that.


You’re very welcome! And great job with your sentences!

I didn’t know that you were a Pr. 
I’m metodista livre do Brasil ( Pinheiros)and I’m very happy and feel lucky having such a good English teacher as you!

Hello, Lucia. That’s interesting. Thank you for sharing. We are Baptist, by denomination. And thank you for being such a good participant here!

Hello teacher Tim… hope you are doing great … Yessss your nephew is reallu such a lovely boy and so so cute … By the way sorry for I take so long to come and to do my lessons on here… Because im always so busy lately..But as soon ass possible i do verything…. But thanks dear teacher.. Have a nice day !!!

Thank you for your sentences, Joanice! Great job!

Tim, I have been studied “Phrasal Verbs with the Letter A” – The tale of Custard the dragon and it is such an really interesting little story.

That’s great, Paulo! Have you been practicing with the “Método dos Missionário”?

This was such a nice lesson! It would be still better if you could correct the mistakes we make…

Thanks, Helena! Actually, just between you and me [cá entre nós], I have been correcting a few sentences here in my comments editor; so all the comments here (especially the sentences with “such” and “so”) are correct! Yours was fine. No correction needed. 🙂

My son is such a good student at languages specilaly at English. (at English is OK)?

Yes, that is correct, José Luiz.

What you do is such a good work. You give. Thank you 😉

Thank you, João Pedro!

I like your way to teach English. This way is so easy to learn! 

Thank you, Cris!

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