Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #06: As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #09 – Parte 1 | Como usar THAT como pronome demonstrativo em inglês

Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #06: As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #09 – Parte 1 | Como usar THAT como pronome demonstrativo em inglês

Fique feliz que você está aprendendo inglês e não português! Isso, esse, essa, aquilo, aquele, aquela se resumem no pronome demonstrativo "that" em inglês. Vamos aprender a usá-lo no mini-podcast hoje!

Estamos aprendendo as 100 palavras mais usadas na lingua inglesa. De acordo com o livro The Reading Teachers Book of Lists, Third Edition as primeiras 25 palavras dessa lista representam aproximadamente um terço de todo o material escrito em inglês, e as cem que estamos aprendendo representam aproximadamente metade. Vamos aprender todas e estaremos bem encaminhados no domínio da língua inglesa.

Hoje vamos começar a DOMINAR a nona palavra mais comum em inglês: that


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

What's that?
This is a book. / That is a book.
I want that book.
Who's that?
That's my girlfriend.

Clique AQUI para começar a DOMINAR o inglês básico.


Agora vamos praticar! Escreva uma sentença com "that" usado como pronome demonstrativo.

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51 comments “Inglês BÁSICO Todos os Dias #06: As 100 Palavras Mais Usadas em Inglês | Palavra #09 – Parte 1 | Como usar THAT como pronome demonstrativo em inglês”

Someday I’ll be living in a better place. That’s what I want.
Thanks, Tim. That’s just a statement.

Great sentences, Karneiro! And remember – if you are happy where you are right now; you’ll be happy anywhere! 🙂 And that’s the truth!

I would like to buy that mechanical engineering book. It would be very useful to me!

I hope you are able to do *that* soon, Agnys! 😉

Tim, How is that travel you would do to USA with your family?

Hello, Paulo! Could you write this sentence in Portuguese for me to check something, please?

Tim, Just for help, I think that our friend Paulo would like to know what are your plans for the trip, such your route, the state you are going to. If you are going to visit your relatives or visit museums or others states, buy something special, etc. That is it, I think.

Excuse me for my intrusion.

Tim, that  is the best time for me to study. I want to do this every day.

Hello, Ana Lourença! Thank you for your comment!  What is the best time for you to study?

I’d like to see that movie again!
Have a great day!

Thank you for your comment, Vera! What movie do you want to see again?

That’s my lesson.

It is!

What ‘s that on your head? That is a Palmeiras hat. ;))

Beautiful cap, Jorge!

Is she learning about that? 

I hope so! 🙂


One of my favorite drinks!

That is my class.

Run before the teacher closes the door!

That’s my school.

Nice school!

– That looks like the car I used to drive.
– Is that yours?

Yes, I bought your old car! 😀

Who’s that boy? He’s handsome!

Sorry. He’s already in a relationship. 🙂

What’s that in the table. That is a magazine

Is it in English?

I found it, but what’s that called?

It’s a screw driver.

What’s that on the floor?
This is a little toy

Put it in the toy box, please. 🙂

That’s my sister, she likes to eat

That does sound good!

Who doesn’t? 😀

Good Morning!

That’s site is a perfect students whom to need learning english.

Have a great day!

I assume you are talking about this site. Thank you! 😀

That’s my pen.
Whose is that?

It’s mine!

Tim, I listened to the podcast, which you say to leave a sentence with the word that, where do I have to leave that word?

You can use it before a noun, like you did here. 🙂

That’s a cushy number!

Can’t argue with that.

That’s a good one!

That would be great!

That’s a good question.

That’s one job I wouldn’t do!

“That’s one job I wouldn’t do!”
Me neither! 😀

I want that money.

So do I! 😀

I wish you wouldn´t say things like that.

I’m sorry. It just comes out at times.

Victoria secrets? That´s where my sister lives.

Does she work there, too? 🙂

Who’s that?
That’s my boyfriend

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