Inglês Todos os Dias #133: ‘Dar as caras/aparecer’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #133: ‘Dar as caras/aparecer’ em inglês

"Inspiração é algo para os amadores -- o resto das pessoas simplesmente aparece e começa a trabalhar." Eu gosto dessa citação, e vou usá-la no episódio de hoje para ensinar-lhe a dizer dar as caras ou aparecer em inglês.


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Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work.
a long holiday weekend
behind with my work
bulletin board
My student didn't show up to class this morning.
My student showed up.
Who showed up to the party yesterday?
My best friend didn't show up to the party.

Don't forget to show up!


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Let's use the phrasal verb 'show up' in the comments sentence below!

____(person)____ showed up/didn't show up to/at _____(place/event)_________ .

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30 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #133: ‘Dar as caras/aparecer’ em inglês”

I showed up to the podcast today! =)

Great to see you hear, Adriana!

The mecanic did not show up to fix my car. So I stayed without it on this long holiday because the engine does not work.

That’s too bad, Jorge! Hope he shows up soon.

Yesterday I was a couse, but the majority of integrants didn’t show up, I think to happened because it was after de holliday.

It’s hard to study after a holiday. 🙂

The carpenter didn’t show up to fix my headboard

He’s not a very reliable guy!

finally, You showed up Tim. My friend did’t showed up to studying with me.

I always show up around here! 🙂

My best friend didn’t show up to visit me!

Maybe you’ll have to show up at his house then! 🙂

I showed up to the gym last Saturday.

I wouldn’t want to show up at English class tonight.

i´d like invite you to show up to our friend. He isn´t bad mood

It’s the first time I show up here. I’d like to thank you very much! Domine Ingles is the best 

Today the electrician does not show up to finish his work and I waited like a fool.

Hi, Tim
I showed up just now because I was on vacation. 😉

My wife alway in our home.

Everytime Timandtammy show up, they bring a interesting information for us

Now here, in Brazil, it’s time to show up and work hard! (Hi teacher!podemos usar esta frase para o nosso modo de dizer “é hora de arregaçar as mangas e pegar no batente”?)

Lisa didn’t show up at the meeting this morning.

My daughter didn’t show up to the school today.

The rest of us just show up and get to work, and we conquest our goals!

My friend showed up at my house for get a hat. He will travel this weekend. 

When you tips pops up on my screen I feel like showing up at an important party because I now my English is becoming better. Tim rocks!

Lucilene is a housekeeper and she show up to work every other day at 7:00 am.

I showed up in my office to get work

I showed up in my office to get work in tuesday.

My friend didn’t showed up to the meeting.

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