Peguei um peixe DESSE TAMANHO | Inglês Todos os Dias #208

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Peguei um peixe DESSE TAMANHO | Inglês Todos os Dias #208

Todo mundo tem uma história de pescador [fish story em inglês], e para contar sobre o tamanho do peixe que você pegou, você vai ter que aprender a dizer "desse tamanho" em inglês! Vamos falar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje!

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I caught a fish this big!
catch - caught
this big
How big
How big was the fish?
It was this big!
My dog is about this big!


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Let's practice in the comments section below. Complete the sentence:

My _______ is about this big.
I have a ________ that is about this big.

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41 comments “Peguei um peixe DESSE TAMANHO | Inglês Todos os Dias #208”

My daughter is about this big (1,20)

She’s growing!

Hello Tim, good night,

My dog is about this big (40 cm), and you, how big is your dog and how tall is your nephew??

Have a good end of night…

Is it correct???

Very good, Denilson! My nephew is about this tall. (about up to my waist)

Hello tim, my son is about this big (90cm), and your sons, how big theses? 

Tentei falar sem pesquisar nada, como falaria no português. Fica correto?

Hello, Rafael. You can ask: How big are they? (or) How tall are they?

Hi Tim
My wife is about this big (1,75m)
I have a dog that is about this big. (45cm)
Have a nice day.

And how tall are you?

My cat is about this big (25 cm). In fact i don’t have any cat. I’m just Practicing!!!

Good job! 😀

My son is five years old and his tall is about this tall (1,12m). And about your nephew , How old is he and How about his tall? – está correto?

Hello, Loer. You would say: How tall is he? I’m not sure how tall he is, but I’ll check with my sister-in-law.

My cat caught a little baby rat this big! (one inch)

Good for your cat! 😀

hello tim, good afternoon!
my boyfriend is about this big(1,80cm)
i have a dog is about this big (0,30 cm)
How big was your wife?
is it correct ?

That’s correct; but you might prefer to ask “How tall is _______?” (for people).

Hello Tim,

Gilberto Here,

my belly is about this big, but i´m starting my workouts

Good for you! Keep up the good work! 😀

Good afternoon Guys.

My sister is about this tall (1,70 cm).
I have a bike is about this big ( 1,40 cm).

Good job, Deyvson!

My bird is about this big.

Is it a canary?

I saw a snake. It was this big!!

Ewwww! I hate snakes!

Good morning Tim!!! My father is (1,84) about this tall.

Your father is quite tall!

My husband is about this big (1,70cm)
My dog is about this big (30cm)

What kind of dog do you have?

(With your husband, you can say “My husband is about this tall”; unless [a não ser que] you are talking about his belly, for example, then you can say “it is about this big”. 🙂 )

Hi Tim,

How can I say that sentence in English please?

“Contornar a situação”

thanks in advance .

You can use the phrasal verb “work around”, check the meaning here: <== LINK

Helo Tim!

I have a grand daugther that is about tall (0,90m).
How tall are your children?

My older son is about this tall! (1.82 m)

I caught a girl is about this tall(1,75). How tall are you.,Tim?

I’m about 1,78, I believe.

I caught a fish this big,do a good time!

Yeah, another fish story! 😀

My daughter is about this big (1,30).

How old is she?

My dog is about this big.

My nephew is about this big (1.60), nearly my size. He is ten years old.

My cat is about this big.

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