Inglês Todos os Dias #81: O Dia de Finados em inglês e Halloween

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Inglês Todos os Dias #81: O Dia de Finados em inglês e Halloween

Como se diz "Dia dos Finados" em inglês? Esse feriado é celebrado nos Estados Unidos? O que o Dia dos Finados tem a ver com Halloween? Vamos falar brevemente sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje.


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I just stopped by to say hello, and tell you how to say "Dia dos Finados" in English.

All Souls' Day
All Souls' Day, in Christianity, is a day commemorating the faithful departed, particularly but not exclusively one's relatives. ~ Wikipedia
Memorial Day
It's the day that honors the Americans that/who died in war.
cookout; hotdogs; hamburguers
Halloween - All Saints' Day - All Souls' Day
Halloween (All Hallows Eve)
Hallowed be thy name.
Christmas Eve


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How about you? What do you do on "All Souls' Day" in Brazil? (Tell us about it in the comments section below.)


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34 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #81: O Dia de Finados em inglês e Halloween”

I , usually , in All Soul’s, day stay at home and rest, because i hate to travel in a traffic jam ways.

I like to stay home, too, Lucia. I’m a real homebody.

Hello Tim! On the All Souls’ Day, my brothers and I visited my parents in the cemetery. We prayed and cleaned the headstone and put flowers in the vases.

I am sure it was an emotional time, Denis. Thank you for writing about it here.

I usually rest and go out with my famile or friends.

That’s what I usually do on holidays, too, Jean.

In all soul’s day I rest with my family in our home. 

It’s so good to have a day to rest!

The All Souls’ Day is not my favorite holiday. I usually stay at home or something like this. This year I stayed at home and worked a lot.

It’s not my favorite holiday, either. I prefer Christmas. 🙂

I’ve rested in my house… Slept so much! And, of course, I’ve studied English extensively!

Good for you, Emerson! Always finding time to study! (Observation: You used the Present Perfect because you wrote this DURING the same day (you were still enjoying the holiday); correct? If you were writing about the past (like yesterday, for example), then you would have to use the Simple Past.

Tim, thanks for your correction. I’ve committed a little mistake!
The road to success is paved with failure! 🙂

Actually, it wouldn’t be wrong if you wrote this ON THE SAME DAY you experienced this. So, if it were Monday afternoon or evening when you wrote this, your sentences (in the Present Perfect) would be perfectly correct. If it were the next day, then you would have to use the Simple Past.

Ok, I understood Tim.

I’ll try to remember of this to avoid that error and, of course, practice a lot!

Thanks once again!

On the all souls’ day my husband and I visited my grandparents and aunts in Orlândia.

Vovô Antonio and Vovó Ruth? 🙂 How are they doing?

They are fine, but grandfather is a few stubborn…rs

Yes, he can be at times; but we love him anyway; don’t we? 🙂

yes, of course!

Please Tim, could you please tell me if I can say ” COULD I TRY ON THIS SHIRT” AND “COULD I TRY ON THIS WINE” or at the second case I should say ” could I try this wine” without “on”?

The second case without “on”. You only “try on” clothes.

I stayed at home with my wife. I spent some time watching several series and studied English, too.

Sounds like a great program, Rodrigo!

Sure, because I believe God sent his son to give us life, the death was defeated through Jesus’s cross. When someone died and I know that the person believe in Jesus, “eu fico em paz – como dizer isso em inglês?”. The death is the biggest “medidor” of faith. Como dizer “medidor” em relação à fé Tim?


Hello, Rodrigo. You can say “I am at peace.” I am not sure exactly what you mean by death beinga “medidor da fé”; but if I understood correctly, it would be that “a gauge of faith”.

Thank you Tim. Quis dizer que a morte é muito difícil ser aceita. Paulo fala em Atos “Mas em nada tenho a minha vida por preciosa, contanto que cumpra com alegria a minha carreira, e o ministério que recebi do Senhor Jesus, para dar testemunho do evangelho da graça de Deus”, a morte pra ele era lucro, a Fé dele era muito grande, a medida da Fé dele ultrapassava a questão da morte….undestand?


Oh, I see. You were saying that one’s attitude towards death is the greatest gauge/test of one’s faith.

Tim, on Soul’s days I sometimes travel but I don’t like too much at this day. I never go to cemnitery because there is a lot of people. I prefer to go there in other date. It is better to pay homage to my death relatives. Normally I use to stay at home and rest.

Thank the Lord I have no relative buried here in Brazil; and if I did, I wouldn’t go to the cemetery this day, either.

Hi Tim…

I Stay at home with my wife, and after we Watch a movie.

Sounds like a good plan! 🙂

Dear Tim,

Beyond English, I wanna begin to study spanish too. Do you have a friend of yours who is Spanish´Teacher? Maybe i member from your church! I seek some method like yours whose I can study any time. I have no time for regular classes!

Thanks Tim! God bless you!

I have a friend who teaches Spanish, Paulo; but I don’t know anyone who teaches online, unfortunately.

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