“Doce ou Salgado?” | Inglês Todos os Dias #220

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“Doce ou Salgado?” | Inglês Todos os Dias #220

Estamos passando uma temporada com familiares aqui nos E.U.A., e como você sabe americanos gostam de misturar doce com salgado. Mas a minha pergunta é: Você sabe dizer "doce ou salgado" em inglês? [Uma dica: Não é a palavra "salty"!] Vamos conversar sobre isso no mini-podcast de hoje!

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Do you prefer sweet or savory food?
Rio Grande, NJ / Sea Isle, NJ
sure enough
For here or to go?
Sweet Barbecue Bacon
Pairs sweet with savory.
These french fries are too salty.
savory pies / sweet pies
Do you prefer sweet or savory food?
Do you have a sweet tooth?
I have a sweet tooth.
I prefer savory food. How about you?



Do you prefer sweet or savory food? Tell us in the comments section below!

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32 comments ““Doce ou Salgado?” | Inglês Todos os Dias #220”

Hi Tim,

I prefer savory food, like barbecue, french fries and hamburguer.

See you next mini podcast.

I do, too, Jackson!

Sea Isle City, NJ is a wonderful city, I realy loved this city. A American Dream.

Last year ,when I went to States, I didn’t know how to ask for a savory food and I almost ended eating just sweet food.

I’ll have to teach you how to eat here! 😀 (It’s not very easy if you are not used to it [acostumado] because Americans eat something different every meal!)

Savory, for sure!

Same here. 

To tell you the truth, although I have a sweet tooth, I’ll go with savory food. I almost always start with a savory food and finish off with a yummy sweet.

I prefer savory food at first and sweet food at last.

Could the word savory has the same meaning of tasty? 

Hey Tim! Talking about food makes my mouth water! I guess you’re grilling some bacon in your parent’s backyard there in the States. Grind up a strip or two of bacon for me to put’em in my burger! (LOL)

Hi Tim, I prefer sweet food, like a delicious Blueberries Pie.

Hi Timm,

I hope you’ve enjoyed your meal. I’m vegetarian, so I neither enjoy eating meat nor McDonald meal. However, I do prefer savory food.
Good to hear you again. Enjoy your stay in the USA.

See you around.

Hi Tim, enjoy your trip…
I prefer savory food, like a hamburgers, pies, snacks, French fries and others, but I like sweet too, I love ice cream, candy, chocolate and you,   What do you prefer, savory or sweet?

Hi Everyone and Tim!
It was sure enough ! I prefer savory foods like a eggs, hamburguers, pies, snacks and others ! And I like sweet foods but a few ! Have Everyone a Wonderful week !

I have a savory tooth. I prefer savory food and actually a like food with a little bit salty too.

I do prefer savory food, but sweet it is a good food too. thx bro

I prefer savory food.

I prefer savory food! Enjoy your trip!

I prefer savory food, of couse!

I perfer sweet food and like savory pies, of course!!!

I prefer savory food but not too salty. My wife love sweets and she definitely has a sweet tooth. 

Hey Tim.
I prefer savory food. Although I like the combination sweet and savory, like this new hamburger that you said.
Enjoy your time in America!!

Hi Tim, I prefer savory food! 😛

HI Tim, how is being your trip?

I prefer foods savory, because I don’t like very sweet foods!

i prefer savory food , but i love dark chocolate !

Hi Tim! I would rather savory foods than sweet foods. However, to be honest, sometimes I like eating something sweet before I eat something savory.

Do you prefer sweet or savory food?

It´s depend on moment! For example: If you ask me after lunch, I will order a sweet food like a “doce de leite” But If you ask in the morning , I will prefer a savory food like a “panquecas, pão frances com queijo”.

Best regards.

I prefer savory food too. My favorite food is pizza.

Have a good week.

Hi Tim, I prefer a sweet food, but i like savory food too !! Have a grea day.

Sometimes I like better savory food, but I like sweet food too.

Hi Tim, I prefer a savory food. My favorite food is barbecue and savory pie.
See you next podcast.

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