Inglês Todos os Dias #124: Dreams don’t work unless… | Dois sentidos do verbo ‘work’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #124: Dreams don’t work unless… | Dois sentidos do verbo ‘work’ em inglês

Dreams don't work unless you do. Vários alunos de inglês, mesmo alunos mais avançados, não entenderam essa citação que eu postei no meu quadro de avisos. Vamos então conversar sobre essa frase e aprender os dois sentidos do verbo work no mini-podcast de hoje.


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Dreams don't work unless you do.
bulletin board
Do you _____ ?
You don't _____. 
Dreams don't work unless your wife does.
Does she ______ ? 
Does he ______ ?
She doesn't _______ .
He doesn't _______ .
You do.
You don't.
This watch doesn't work.
My watch isn't working.
This method doesn't work.
Tim, your method works!


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Let's practice! Write a sentence with the verb 'work' (meaning 'funcionar')

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49 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #124: Dreams don’t work unless… | Dois sentidos do verbo ‘work’ em inglês”

Hello Tim,

What good you be back…(que bom você estar de volta) 

I went with relatives for a new restaurant, and arriving there ask for a hostess… how does it work??  the attendant was very polite and the dinner was delicious..

Have a wonderful day.

Tell me if it’s correct because my English isn’t good

Very good, Denilson. In this situation you could also use the phrasal verb “work out”. I’ll talk about that tomorrow (or the day after).

Que bom você estar de volta! = I’m so glad you’re back!

Thank you for the welcome back! 🙂

I’m so glad you’re back….

Thanks for your attention and please, never stop it…

🙂 _b

My computer doesn’t work

Better call tech support.

I work with tech support! If your computer needs a fix, please call me entering on my site and making a contact with me. I’ll glad to assist you! I’m sure your computer works again!

Good to know! 🙂

I have a mistake…
My computer isn’t working.

You can say it both ways:

My computer doesn’t work = não funciona
My computer isn’t working = não está funcionando

My computer isn’t working, because that I’m writing from my cellphone.

It’s my first podcast and I liked it very much! 🙂

Welcome aboard, Marina! So glad you are with us!

I am thinking about a good sentence but it’s not working..

This one works! 🙂

my cellphone doesn’t work

Time to buy another one! 🙂

The cable tv service doesn’t work when it’s raining. That happens to yours too?

Sometimes it does. Is it Sky TV? 🙂

Yes it is! ☹️


My car did not work because it ran out of gas.

Yes, cars usually need some fuel to work. 🙂

My method in the sale açaí work.
That’s right, Tim…

Your method works? (notice the “s”). What’s your method, Fabio? Can you tell us the secret? 🙂

My car isn’t working.

You need to take it to the mechanic.

There are so bad days that things just don’t work even we work hard.

My mind doesn’t work during the night, sorry.

Sometimes mine doesn’t, either. 🙂

Hi, Tim. Thanks God your method really works. That’s awesome and we can learn a lot with it.
A tradução de “unless you do” para português parece não ter muito sentido.
Acho que existe um trocadilho como “Sonhos só vão funcionar (trabalhar) se você trabalhar primeiro” , ou algo nesse sentido.
É aí que entra aquela polêmica do Google Translator.
De qualquer forma, não deixa de ser uma frase interessante.
Thanks for the tips once more.

Ótima tradução, Sylvio. Na verdade, quando você traduz é necessário adaptar a tradução para a língua de destino (no caso o português), como você fez. Minhas explicações são somente para ajudar a entender o inglês.

My brain does not work  in the morning. 

I like the mornings, but I am not a fan of the afternoons (after lunch).

Pastor Tim, your method works! 🙂

Great! Thank you! Are you Anne or Elle? 🙂

Both of us! 🙂 🙂

Welcome to both of you! 😀

Tim, i usually stop doing things that do not work..
like study English  with a teacher that does it only because of money.
I fell your method woks because you love to teach
Thanks Pastor Tim. GOD Bless You !!!!

That’s good advice, Lucia! Stop doing things that don’t work! 🙂 Thank you for your nice comment!

Think positive and your life will work well.

It helps to have a positive attitude!

Hello Tim,

would you explain this phrase in any of the following lessons?? i just found this saying about finance in some websites -” we’re going broke chasing the American Dream”. I just wasn’t able to understand the “broke” in that sentence.

Hello, Marcos! “Go broke” = ir a falência

Hi Tim, 
In this case, why we don’t use DOES for ‘dreams’. 
– My TV doesn’t work . 
– It doesn’t work. 

In your sentence, why you did not take dreams as third person. 
Like, Dreams doesn’t work unless you do .. 

Tks! (: 

Because “dreams” are in the plural – I don’t; you don’t; he, she, it (a dream) doesn’t; we don’t; you don’t; they (dreams) don’t.

My brain isn´t working right. I´m tired. 

Think Positively! Live Positively! Get the habit of thinking everything works out at the end! This attitude really works!

In my case it worked very well.

My cell phone is not working!

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