Don’t bother = Não adianta? | Inglês Todos os Dias #342

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Don’t bother = Não adianta? | Inglês Todos os Dias #342

Don't bother = Não adianta?

Ouça o mini-podcast de hoje e aprenda quando "don't bother" pode ser traduzido para o português como "não adianta" - e descubra porque minha esposa disse que não adiantava eu ir até a loja de sapatos.

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Don't bother going there; they don't have her number.
Secret Santa
Santa Claus
Don't bother me.
Am I bothering you?
Don't bother going to that store.
I don't bother shaving on the weekend.
Why bother going there?
Don't bother going to the store, because they don't have her number.
Don't bother going to the store; they don't have her number.
Don't bother doing the laundry.
do the laundry
Don't bother doing the laundry; the lights are out.
Don't bother ___________________ , because ___________________ .
Don't bother participating there, because it's too hard.


Let's practice! Complete this sentence in the comments section below. 

Don't bother ___________________ (because) ________________ .

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36 comments “Don’t bother = Não adianta? | Inglês Todos os Dias #342”

Muito interessante, essa era uma dúvida que eu tinha e nem sabia que tinha, foi legal receber isso no e-mail, valeu pela dica Adir pelo e-mail e valeu Tim pela aula!!

Welcome, Kick! And so glad you enjoyed the tip! Tell Adir I said hello! 😀

Hi, Tim!

I’m Janaki. and I’ve found out your podcast by Adir Ferreira’s recommendation.
Thanks, Tim and Adir.


Welcome, Janaki! Glad to see you here!

Don’t bother complaining about how difficult learning English can be, the point is persist until feel comfortable with it. After that, keep practicing it. (haha)

English language is beautiful! 🙂

Don’t bother participating there, because it’s too easy!!! Kkk

I’ll have to come up with a harder tip next time! 😀

Don’t bother _helping her _ , because she wants to do everything by herself._ .

She’ll learn! 😀

Don’t bother doing traveling during the week, because I’m accostumed to it.

Is your boss giving you a hard time? 🙂

Don’t bother going to the gym , because i eat a lot on the weekend. ha ha.
have a nice day.

Never give up!

Don’t bother trying to change people, because each one have your own way of thinking and we have to accept it. Have a good one, Tim!

It is hard to change people’s mind!

Don’t bother stopping the work, You have to finish it until the end the day.

Como eu digo “Ficar enrolando” em inglês 

You can say, “Stop slacking off.”

In this case, you might prefer to say, “It’s no use slacking off; you have to finish it until the end of the day.”

Wow, that’s great: “Slacking off”; I didn’t know that one.
Today was 2 in a row.

Thanks again, Tim.

Very good! Great tip!

Thank you, Socorro!

Don’t bother ironing the clothes, because the power just finished now. Don’t bother going to the store, because I won’t know the Secret Santa I’m gonna buy for her. Don’t bother speaking right, he doesn’t understand your language, please don’t bother me. Don’t bother going there, because you don’t know her name.

Very good, Milton!

Don’t bother going to his house, he’s not there.

Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

Don’t bother waiting for a miracle, because your team is too bad

hehe (I wonder what team you are talking about. 🙂 )

Don’t bother argue with her, you’ll felling tired and regretted, you bet.

True. You’ll always lose. 😀

Don’t bother studying today, our time is over. You’re late. 

Don’t bother reading the menu, because I know what we going to eat.

Don’t bother running now because it’s rainning.

Don’t bother waking up her to early, she’s in vacantion.

Don’t bother doing a hard work because you are in vacation.

Don’t bother going to school today, because is closed.

Yay! 😀

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