‘Ou escreva algo que valha a pena ler, ou…’ | ‘either … or’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #217

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‘Ou escreva algo que valha a pena ler, ou…’ | ‘either … or’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #217

"Ou escreva algo que valha a pena ler, ou faça algo que valha a pena escrever." - Benjamin Franklin. Vamos aprender a dizer essa frase do famoso estadista e patriarca americano Benjamim Franklin no episódio de hoje.

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Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." - Benjamin Franklin
either ... or
read / reading
Something that is worth doing is learning English.
Either you practice the tip on the site or you will never learn English.
Either you participate or I will be very angry.




Let's practice in the comments section below! Complete the sentence:

Either __________________ or ____________________ .

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51 comments “‘Ou escreva algo que valha a pena ler, ou…’ | ‘either … or’ em inglês | Inglês Todos os Dias #217”

Either make something proudly or do nothing!
Hi Tim! Have a great trip!

Thank you, Eduardo! I’ll see you in August, the Lord willing!

Either Benjamin Franklin was mad flying a kite in a storm or he did something different.

Maybe both! 😀

Either I write some words on this site or I will never learn English. Either I speak English or I Will never meet some world friends. Come on guys and girls: Either you put some words on or we will never improve our English. (please last phrase is a joke!) Lol.

Best regards for all.

Great job, Cristiano! 😀

Either I study English or I never do learn.


1. Either you change your lifestyle or you kick the bucket sooner.

2. Either you focus your better effort to learning english or you will never achieve your goal.

Good advice!

Either do your best or do nothing.

Yes, we should always try to do our best!

Either do exercise or die obese ;p

Harsh words, but true!

either get rich or die trying (hahahhaaha 😀 )

Sounds like a book! 😀

either sleep well or do you have a headache.

Yes, sleep is very important!

What’s the difference about the words “worth” or “worthwhile”? This is the same?

Good question, Alcides! We can do a podcast about that!

Either I learn English or I never will be happy!

I hope you learn English then! 😀

Either I have lunch or I’ll be hungry.

You’re right about that! 😀

Either you love me or you hate me! LOL

You’re a polarizing figure! 😀

Either you study english everday or you will never learn english.

Yes, it’s very important to study every day!

Either I go on with my English course, or I need to stop once at all. I can’t stand anymore.
My best regards for you all.

Aren’t you happy with your course?

Either I pray or I will not wins the anxiety.

Yes, prayer is so important! “Be anxious for nothing!” (Philippians 4:6)

Either we work hard, or we never to able to get the success.

Hi Tim.

Can I use “either” like “too”?

Exemple: ‘I did my homework’ and another person say ‘me either’.

If is possible, could you explain the difference between also, too, as well and either (in this case).

Thanks, have a good day.

Hello, Tulio! Yes, but it is a different word. 🙂

– I did my homework.
– I did, too. (or “Me too.” or “So did I.”)

– I didn’t do my homework.
– I didn’t, either. (or “Me neither.” or “Neither did I.”)

Sure, we’ll do a podcast about that!

Either I learn English, or I’ll never go to travel, neither to work, where I want !

True, Jandira! You’ve got to speak English!!

Tim, I’am not receiving any other podcast after this. Are the another one?

There will be one today! (Sorry, we are busy preparing for a trip; I’ll explain in today’s podcast (#218)

Either you will learn with real situations like these or you will struggle a lot with boring traditional methods.

True. It’s always best to learn in real situations!

Either the judge Sergio Mouro takes his quickly decition or He can lost thats good oppotunity to stop the corruption

Yes, let’s hope he doesn’t chicken out now, after all his hard work!

Either you fix the trouble or the customer will cancel the service.

Either you do this homework or you won’t learn English 

Hi Everyone ! Good morning !

Eigther I study american english on site DomineIngles.com.br with Tim and David in real situactions and aplications or I´ll go to Florida state on U.S.A to learn about it !

Is it correct the sentence Tim ?

Have Everyone a Wonderful Day !

Either you keep in touch daily with the English language or you won`t learn it

Hi Teacher

Can I use “Or” istead “either”?

For example :

“Or” write something worth reading “or” do something worth writing

Many Thanks and Enjoy your time in USA.

Either I learn English very hard in the next months or I’ll be in trouble on my honey moon around Italy on October =)

Either I watch tv at night or I will go study english again!

Either people learn something about politics or will be keeping the Moro’s injustices up.

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