Ele me fez interessar por chá [Phrasal Verb]

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Ele me fez interessar por chá [Phrasal Verb]

Um dos programas que ouço quase todos os dias é de um comentarista conservador dos Estados Unidos chamado Rush Limbaugh. Este Rush Limbaugh é o mais famoso comentarista de rádio nos Estados Unidos e tem uma personalidade muito vibrante. Entre muitos interesses, ele gosta de tomar chá gelado; tanto que recentemente lançou sua própria marca – “Two is for Tee”. (Existe uma razão histórica para este nome, mas essa te ensino em outra ocasião.)

Estava ouvindo um outro locutor (Sean Hannity) no rádio esta semana e Sean Hannity comentou sobre o chá do Rush Limbaugh e disse que iria experimentá-lo. Ainda disse que foi o próprio Rush Limbaugh que o fez gostar de chá no passado, então o chá do Rush Limbaugh deve ser muito bom.

Para dizer isto, ele usou um phrasal verb, é claro. Quando ouvi, pensei: Essa tenho que ensinar para meus amigos no Tim and Tammy Teach!

Então ouça este pequeno segmento no rádio e aprenda a dizer “me fez interessar por”/”me fez gostar de” em inglês.

Dê um clique com o botão direito do mouse aqui, para baixar o áudio.


This is the Sean Hannity Show.
All right, thanks, Scott Shannon. Happy Friday! Glad you’re with us! Many thanks to my buddy, Mark Simone. A lot of people asking: Why were you on TV yesterday, but you weren’t on radio? Where were you yesterday? Why didn’t you come to work? Why didn’t you show up?
I wish I could tell you, but I can’t. And then somebody wrote me… Because Rush came out with... [Ele iria dizer “an iced-tea brand”] And I’ve got to try it! Rush Limbaugh turned me on to Snapple [uma marca de chá gelado] many years ago. And I am a Snapple iced-tea lover, and he came out with his own brand of iced-tea, and somebody writes me: Well, are you coming out with your brand? No, I’m not coming out with mine, but I’ve got to [gotta] urge Rush to come out with a lemon brand of his new iced-tea, because I like lemon ice-tea. And I think he only has plain and raspberry now. So I’m going to [gonna] write him a letter and see if we can’t get lemon added to the mix. I can’t wait to try it because he was certainly dead on about Snapple. It became my favorite drink for years.

How do you say ‘me fez interessar por’/ ‘me fez gostar de’ em inglês?

  • turn somebody on to something, informal = fazer alguém se interessar por algo / fazer alguém gostar de algo

CUIDADO! Não diga simplesmente “you turn me on” ou “you turned me on”, etc., a não ser que você está querendo dizer o equivalente a “você me dá t----.” (uma gíria sexual)

Other Examples:

It was Juan who turned me on to Mexican food.
Foi o Juan que me fez gostar de comida Mexicana.

He turned me on to classical music.
Ele me fez interessar por música clássica.

My brother turned me on to the Mentalist.
Meu irmão me fez interessar pelo seriado The Mentalist.

That book really turned me on to American History.
Aquele livro verdadeiramente despertou meu interesse por história estadunidense.

I hope I turned you on to Phrasal Verbs and the English language in general.
Espero que tenha despertado o seu interesse por Phrasal Verbs e pela língua inglesa em geral.

Let’s practice the Phrasal Verb we learned today.
Answer the following question(s) in the comments section below.
Who turned you on to our site? Who (or what) turned you on to the English language?
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334 comments “Ele me fez interessar por chá [Phrasal Verb]”

My cousin Denise turned me on to Tim and Tammy teach.

Great. Thank your cousin for us. 🙂

Hi Timmy!
Well first of all the talk show host was speaking to fast on the script but in fact I've drinking green tea before went to bed every night and I'm feeling well health, what turn me on to drink green tea as usually.

Sometimes my wife makes some tea for us before we go to bed. She's the one who turned me on to drinking tea before going to bed. But I still prefer coffee during the day.

Hey Timmy, thanks and congratulations for your work on this site. But as Vera wrote above, the guy was talking very fast I`m working abroad (China) nowadays and learning english day by day. But when I listen something like that, I think that`s impossible learn and sharp my spoke. Could you give some tips about that. To calm down people like me. Thanks.

Just listen to something you like a little every day. Before you know it, you will start understanding more and more.

This tip turned me on in knowing – why God? -why? Americans talk so fast? Is to sabotage us?

It's not on purpose. hehe 🙂

Hello, My husband Márcio turned me on to Tim and Tammy teach .

Great. Thank your husband for us!

Hi Tim, this month is doing a year that I went to study in New York. I confess that the English classes with your family that turned me on to know the United States.

Hey, PC! Glad to hear that! What are you doing there in the U.S.?

Hey Tim and Tammy, you do really turned me on to love to study and learn more and more. Now, I´m trying to turn my girlfriend on to do the same! Thanks for the tip and congrats for the new website!

Thanks, Rogerio! I hope you succeed in convincing your girlfriend!

Hi, Tim, thank you for your help. You make me turn me on estude ingles.

So glad I turned you on to studying English, Jesaias.

Hi folks from T&T!! Thanks for your great tips! Just trying to clear it up, if it's followed by a verb, do you need to use it with "ing"? Like: Tim&Tammy turned me on to getting to know more and more about English. Or maybe it's mostly used with nouns, not verbs? Thanks for helping me out with that!

Hello Romy! Thanks for your question! Yes, if you use a VERB after the expression, use the gerund (-ing), because the final "to" in "turn someone on to" is a preposition. Your example is correct.

I agree, Kika!

Can we use that phrasal verb meaning addiction, as we use in Portuguese, e.g., “Ela fez eu me viciar neste chocolate” (She turned me on to this chocolate)?

Sure, you can use it that way.

I don't remember exactly who turned me on to your site, but I'd like to know…

I believe I've found your website out through a research on Google…What matter is that your site it one of the best! Thank you!

Thank you, Evandro! It's great to hear that!

Hi Tim. I don't remember anymore who turned me on to your site. Maybe Denilso de Lima or Christopher O'Donnel, I don't know. Anyway whoever it is I am so grateful to be here learning English with you all. 

Whoever it was, I'm so glad you are here with us! Thank you for writing!

Thanks for participating, Maria! Glad you liked the site!

Olá Tim! Eu gostaria de dizer que tive dificuldades em entender o que o locutor disse nesse trecho do programa. Tive que ouvir várias vezes e mesmo assim muitas partes eu só consegui entender após ler o texto, parece que o locutor utiliza uma linguagem bem informal e as vezes fala rápido.
Eu gostaria de saber a sua opinião; Você diria que este trecho do áudio esta num nível elevado para uma pessoa que não é nativa compreender?

Abraço e Obrigado!

Sim, Márcio. Ele fala muito rápido e, como fazemos naturalmente, corta palavras e frases, começando uma sentença e no meio da frase mudando de pensamento e começando outra sentença. Quis especificamente ensinar o phrasal verb “turn somebody on to something”, mas é bom para seu ouvido ouvir o ingles falado naturalmente. Tente ouvir várias vezes até seu ouvido acostumar.

Hello, Tim! I clearly remember that Ana Luiza, from “inglesonline”, turned me on to your site. And I would like to ask the same question about the ‘ing”: I think the correct form is “I was turned onto studying English by my sister-in-law.” Or maybe “John Doe turned me onto doing my chores everyday without complain about it.” Am I right? :o) Pleeeeeeeease, could you answer me?? :o)

That’s correct, Patricia. Just remember that it is “on to”, not “onto”. And thank Ana Luiza from http://www.inglesonline.com.br for us!

Hi Tim!
I don't remembered who turned me on to apreciating your site, but i know that I'm learning so much!
Thank you very much!

Great to hear that, Vera! Thank you for writing!

Dear Tim and team,
Pretty good your new website. I enjoyed it galore! also useful your hints for us non-native speakers. I'd like to know, if you don't mind, the method and literature you apply to your English school in Jundiaí. Could you please to tell us? Thanks a lot for your attention and may God bless you all. (HES)

Hello Hélio! With students that start with us from the beginning, we usually follow the sequence of the course "Interchange". We do , however, add our own "touch" to the lessons. 🙂 Where do you live, if I may ask?

hi.Tim, Ana Luiza from inglesonline turned me on to your site, I`m liking too much. A
big hug to you.

Hey! Thank Ana Luiza for us! Great to have you onboard!

My husband turned me on to colourful clothes.

It makes everyone look more lively and happy, I agree! 🙂

It was Tim from domineingles.com.br who turned me on to phrasal verbs!

It’s great to hear that!

Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thknfaul for your help.

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You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watching for your posts.

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