ESL Reality #4 – Getting a Head Start

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ESL Reality #4 – Getting a Head Start

Tim passed by the church’s fellowship hall and saw his sister, Lisa, sitting at a table and cutting some colorful posterboard.

O Tim passou pelo salão da igreja e viu a sua irmã, Lisa, sentada à uma mesa e cortando cartolinas coloridas.


Clique aqui para baixar o áudio.

Tim: Hi, Lisa! Whatcha doing?
Oi, Lisa! O que você está fazendo? [“Whatcha”, informal, é uma abreviação de “"what are you”]

Lisa: I’m decorating this bulletin board for the baby shower.
Estou enfeitando este quadro para o chá de bebê.

Tim: I thought you girls were going to work on the decorations tonight.
Achei que vocês, moças, iriam trabalhar nas decorações hoje à noite.

Lisa: We are. But I’m just getting a head start.
Nós vamos. Mas eu só estou dando uma adiantada.

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12 comments “ESL Reality #4 – Getting a Head Start”

Hi Tim

I have few questions.

1) Could I replace (Pass by) for…( Drop by or Stop by) in this situation ? Is it possible?

2) I saw you changed the word cardboard for poster board. I believe you did it because they work as a synonym in this context, right?

Now some news about me, I think I should get a head start and go and buy some baby stuff, Tatiana ( my wife) is expecting our second baby…:-)

Yes, you could use “drop by” and “stop by”. They have very similar meanings.

Congratulations on the great news! I am so happy for you and Tatiana! How old is your firstborn now, if I may ask? Is he excited about the prospect of having a little brother or sister?

it`s a pleasure to me have you teaching us.Thankyou! I am improving my vocabulary each day.I am very happy.

It’s great to hear that, Marizete! Thank you so much for commenting here!

Thank you very much, Tim! My oldest son (Mateus from the pic) is going to turn 4 in November. He is very excited about the baby, he always kiss Tatiana’ belly, he is very caring !!
We still don’t know the gender of it, I hope it is a girl so we have a couple, but we’ll be very happy either way.

Take care Tim.

That’s true, Anderson! Either way it is a great blessing from God!

I learn a lot with those lessons, thanks a lot.

It’s great to hear that! Thank you for writing, Ray!

It’s a great pleasure to study with your lessons!
Many thanks!

Thanks, Vera! It’s always a pleasure!

Morning, Tim! Excellent material. I’m learning so much with this rich channel. Congratulations. Regards, Alex

I’m so glad to hear that, Alex! Thank you for your nice comment!

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