Inglês Todos os Dias #129: ‘Estou bravo com você!’ em inglês americano

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Inglês Todos os Dias #129: ‘Estou bravo com você!’ em inglês americano

Eu não estou bravo com você - AINDA! Mas se você não escutar o mini-podcast de hoje (que ensina uma forma comum de se dizer "estou bravo com alguém" em inglês) e não deixar um comentário, talvez eu fique bravo! 😀


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"Hey, I'm not even mad about the scratches. Hands down the funniest thing that has ever happened to me!"
The funniest thing that has ever happened in my life!
mad about
mad at
I'm mad about the situation with our country!
I'm mad at my student for not doing his homework!







Let's practice! 

Who are you mad at? What are you mad about?

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41 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #129: ‘Estou bravo com você!’ em inglês americano”

It’s very common I’m mad about thing or at someone. This podcast was very useful to me. Now I can use this expression everyday.

hehe I hope you’re not too mad today, Maria! 😉

I’m mad at my boss because he doesn’t pay attention when I’m talking.
I’m mad about the price of dollar, because I cannot to buy my new iPad.

Thanks for the tip Tim! Have a good weekend! 😀

Bosses are like that. 🙂  And it seems like the dollar is coming down with the new political situation here in Brazil. 

I’m not even mad at my friend that reproached me because I’ve posted my political opinion on Facebook. Actually, I am. 

Sometimes politics is not a very safe topic… 🙂

Hello Tim, what’s the meaning of “Hands down” in this sentence: “Hands down the funniest thing that has ever happened to me!

Thank you for everything on website and on podcast as well.

Good perception, Adriana! I was wondering if someone was going to ask me that! 😉

Hands down = definitely, for sure, easily


If we had a race, he would win hands down.
It’s hands down the best movie of the year.

Hello Tim, I’m mad at speaker in your podcast , because I’m not able to understand what she says..

Just listen to her sentence many times!

Hey Tim, I would ask you to talk about the expression “hands down”, I even found a thead about it:

if you forget it I will be mad at you 🙂

We’ll do that, Sergio!  Thank you for the suggestion.

Check out the explanation I gave Adriana up there!

Ei Tim, achei a explicação sobre o “hands down” da frase neste link:
Agente percebe que a cada dia de estudo a língua vai tornando-se mais amigável. Um bom exemplo é o “draw” que quase todo mundo entende como desenhar e eu entendo com uma ação de mover ou puxar, isso explica muita coisa.

Sim, Sergio. Estudar diariamente é como minerar para ouro!  Essa é a atitude certa!

I’m mad about the situation with our Internet. My Internet was cut off when I was typing to domine ingles.

What internet provider do you use?

I’m mad at my wife for not being able to play video game.

Don’t be mad at her for that! Maybe she can make popcorn while you play. hahaha

I’m mad about the weather. I hate cold days. 

It’s no use being mad at things we can’t change, Willian. 🙂

I’m mad at my girlfriend. She always keeps me waiting!

Uh-oh! I hope we don’t cause any boyfriend/girlfriend fights here. 🙂

I’m mad at someone who lie to me!

You can’t trust people who lie to you!

I’m mad because I don’t know what website I put here.
I never will be mad with you Tim, you are the best teacher. Have a great night

Phew! I’m relieved to hear that! 🙂

I´m very mad about my computer. Today my computer does not worked, so I´m studying English in using my IPAD. 

I hope you can get it fixed soon!

I´m very mad about  the time , it´s flown by. Like this , the  life  goes fat

It sure does!

I’m mad at people lazy and impolite.The time changed, we need to change also.

I can’t stand being around lazy people, either!

i mad at you, because you didn’t answer some my comments (just kidding)

I’ll get around to it soon, Graziela! 🙂

I’m mad about the situation or unemployment im the country every day more people difficulty passing!!!

I know. It’s frustrating. I wish the politicians would get out of people’s way and let them work!

I’m mad about the situation with the choice of the new government involved in car wash.

I’ mad at my daughter for not washing the dishes.

I’m mad at my daughter for not keep her promises about to take care her dog.

Tim, what does “Hands down” mean?

I didn’t come to my english class the past days. So, maybe my teacher are mad at me

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