Inglês Todos os Dias #138: ‘Estou falando sério!’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #138: ‘Estou falando sério!’ em inglês

Quando digo que gosto de ensinar inglês, eu não digo isso da boca pra fora, eu estou falando sério! Por isso vou lhe ensinar a dizer estou falando sério e não digo isso de boca pra fora em inglês no mini-podcast de hoje!


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I want you to study English every day! Don't laugh! I mean it!
What does this word mean?
What do you mean?
I want you to do your home work, and I mean it!
With children, when you say 'no', you have to mean it.
When I say 'I love you', I mean it.
I said I'm angry, and I really mean it!
I hate you!
You don't really mean that; do you?
I meant what I said yesterday.




Let's practice!

Complete the following sentence in the comments section below:

_________________________, and I mean it!

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46 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #138: ‘Estou falando sério!’ em inglês”

I’m happy today, I mean It. Because is Friday! And I go out with my friends, after I can relax.


Is correct tell “long-awaited friday” ???  

Yes, you can say that. Do you know the acronym I used up there? TGIF? (= Thank God it’s Friday!) 🙂

Yes, I knew hahah, pretty cool yeah?

I really enjoy your podcasts and I mean it! thank you for that!

Thank you, Adriana!

I want to talk in english fluently, and a I mean it! (correct sentence)

You will, Cláudio!

Thank you, Cláudio!

I like to study English, really. I mean it.

Glad to hear that! 🙂

Tim, I decided that one year from now, I’ll be speaking English better, and I mean it, so I’m studing your post every day!!! Thanks Pastor….

Good for you, Lucia! Best wishes with your studies!

I’m fed up of to be unemployed… I mean it!

I hope you find a job soon!

I like in the student English, I mean it.

I’m glad you like studying English, Fabio!

I’m looking forward to speaking English fluently, and when I say that, I really mean it.

Tim, when you said that your son got a Dog, you meant?

I did, Jackson! She arrived last Monday! Things are wild around here! 🙂 I’ll tell you all about it later.

whatever you do , but listen to the domine ingles every day, and I mean it.

Good advice, Ariol! 🙂

Tim, when should we use ‘mean it’ and ‘mean that’… I mean… the word ‘it’ and ‘that’ in this context. I noticed that there are two ways to say that.

That’s correct, Jackson. You just need to complete the verb, usually with ‘it’, sometimes with ‘that’.

Tomorrow we are going to wake up very early, And I mean early, I mean it, because the trip is long.

Have a great trip, Denilson!

I’m going to study English tomorrow. I mean it!

Good for you, Dan!

Hello Tim, I am really loving your podcasts because I need to improve my English, and I mean it. 

So glad to hear that, Priscila!

I really learn with your podcast and I mean it! Thank you!

I’m glad to hear that, Angela! Thank you for participating here!

i really speak english fluently, sloly but always, i mean it

Yes, keep up the good work!

When I tell my students this page is really interesting to learn English….I mean it!Tim….congrats, you rule!!! And I really mean it =]

I’m tired a lot, and I mean it

When I say `I will be rich`, I mean it

I will not be defeated..come on..say it like you mean it (Eric Thomas)

hi, Tim! uma vez eu estava nos Estados Unidos aguardando na fila para usar um computador e quando chegou a minha vez, eu disse ao americano que estava atrás de mim que eu seria bem rápida. Ou seja, eu quis dizer isso e falei : I’ll be very quickly. Mas alguma coisa me soou mal. Como é a forma correta de dizer isso?

Next year when Mr Obama leave the White House, he could do great favor to the Brazilians. Govern Brazil for some years, this is not kidding, I mean it.
I mean he could do great things here.
Saulo – Beginner

Don’t wake me up unless someone is dying, and I mean it!!

Hi Tim! I am here just because you told in your podcast that if I didn’t come here you would stop to publish it. Kkkk I mean, your pressure did work! And I mean it! 

I’ll get into the psychology college, and i mean it !

Hi Tim ! Your tips about English language and your podscats help me a lot. I mean it !

I love English and i’m putting all of my efforts to be fluent! I mean it!

I told my son, I mean it!

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