Inglês Todos os Dias #84: ‘Eu espero que você tenha gostado’ e ‘eu espero que você goste’ em inglês

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Inglês Todos os Dias #84: ‘Eu espero que você tenha gostado’ e ‘eu espero que você goste’ em inglês

Uma forma de aprender como um americano pensa em inglês, é ouvi-lo falar português ERRADO! 🙂 Uma ouvinte me corrigiu quando eu dizia "Eu espero que você gostou", então agora vou ensiná-lo a dizer isso em inglês! 🙂


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Frases no mini podcast de hoje:

I hope you like our podcast today.
I hope you like today’s podcast.
I hope you have understood. (?) – I hope you had understood. (?)
I hope you understood (it). / I hope you’ve understood (it).
I hope it was clear.
I hope you liked the explanation.
I hope you have liked my explanations.
I hope you liked my explanation. / I hope you liked it.
I hope you have enjoyed our explanations.
I hope you are feeling better.
I hope you get well soon.
I hope you can come.
I hope to see you again.
I hope you understood the explanation.
I hope you liked it.
I hope you understood it.
I hope you learn this lesson.
If you are on the site…
If you are listening…
that we can handle
I hope you can help me.
I hope my wife learns English.
I hope to meet you.
I hope everything worked out.
I hope it was clear.


Link do curso Inglês Todos os Dias ESPECIAL: Present Perfect em 14 Dias:




Let's practice the structure!

Complete the sentece: I hope (you/he/she/my wife, etc.) ____________________ .

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43 comments “Inglês Todos os Dias #84: ‘Eu espero que você tenha gostado’ e ‘eu espero que você goste’ em inglês”

I hope one day to learn English like an American.

Keep shooting for the stars, Ernani!

I hope you continue with the podcast for a long time and in a future to teach how to use “ing” it’s hard to mee. Thanks

We will, Jean!

I hope you can help me in my personal goal to reach fluence in english.

I hope so, too, Fabian!

I hope to get better in my english studies.

Just stick to it and you will, Thiago!

I  hope to meet you someday.

Who knows, João Pedro.

Awesome explanation! I hope I remember everything you teach. 

You were the one who prompted today’s tip, Tais! 🙂

Just make sure you write things down in a notebook. (And I hope I don’t forget your correcton! 🙂 )

I´ll give a little tip in portuguese, and I hope you enjoy it. In portuguese we don´t say “erros que ele faz” (06:07) but we say “erros que ele comete”

hahaha Thank you for the correction! Once again, you are learning English by listening to an American’s mistakes in Portuguese. 🙂 In English we say “make a mistake” / “the mistakes he makes”.

I hope I ‘ll be able to handle better the English language , someday….

You will, Lucia! Just be persistent!

i hope  you read my  sentence and  correct my mistakes

I will – and I did, Dora. 😉 (I just changed “corrects” to “correct”.)

I hope you succeed, because you are a dedicated man.

Thank you, Sergio! I truy hope you succeed in life, too!

I hope one day, with my patient and persistence, to speak English like an American.

I’m sure you will, Emerson! You are already speaking/writing great!

I hope I can speak English like Tim speaks Portuguese.

It was a little easier for me because I started when I was 8, José Luiz; but you are improving every day! (I can tell by your comments!)

Tim, I have undertood that you will send us a bonus lesson of the Present Perfect em 14 dias, for who has already finished it. I hope I didn’t make a mistake for asking about that.

That’s true, José Luiz! We are just waiting for a few new students to catch up with the older ones and for more questions to come in.

I hope everyone do the course of Present Perfect…I did and It was amazing!!!!

So glad you enjoyed it, Vera!

I hope one day I can become fluent in English…

You will, Agnys!

i hope everything worked out

Me, too, Pamela! 🙂

I hope I can speak English soon. This podcasts help me to improve my fluency. Thanks Tim!!

It’s great to hear that, Rodrigo!

i hope you have patience to teach me english. 

No patience needed, Graziela! 🙂

Hi Tim

I hope you can help me learn English.

I hope so, too, Vicente!

I hope you enjoy the trip
I hope my husband loves me so much
I hope you go to my party
I hope you can study with me
I hope you get well

I hope all your dreams come true, Ana!

I Hope I am approved in an important job´s interview on January 2016

I hope so, too, Paulo! I wish you every success!

I hope to speak  English fluently in this year! 

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