Como usar a expressão ‘take someone/something for granted’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #263

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Como usar a expressão ‘take someone/something for granted’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #263

Um ouvinte nos perguntou sobre a expressão take someone/something for granted. É uma expressão muito comum em inglês, e vamos aprender a usá-la no mini-podcast de hoje. Espero que você não take este mini-podcast for granted! 😀

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Sometimes unfortunately I take my wife for granted - until she´s away, and then I realize how much I depend on her.
take someone/something for granted
grant access
grant a loan
take someone/something for granted
My husband takes me for granted.
They take their freedom for granted.
I never take my freedom for granted.
We can't take democracy for granted.
Parents shouldn’t take for granted that their children´s school is safe.
You shouldn’t take it for granted that I´m always going to be here.
We use computers so much that we just take it for granted.
We shouldn’t take ___________ for granted.
I hope you don’t take these podcasts for granted.



What shouldn't we take for granted? Answer this question in the comments section below:

We shouldn't take ______________ for granted.

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29 comments “Como usar a expressão ‘take someone/something for granted’ | Inglês Todos os Dias #263”

We shouldn’t take the education for granted.


We shouldn’t take this valuable podcast for granted.

Thanks, José!

Hi Tim ! I was very looking forward to your answer ! Thanks a lot ! We shouldn’t take our parents for granted !

Thank you for the suggestion, Gil. Do you understand it better now?

For sure !

We shouldn’t take the origin of emails for granted.

We shouldn’t take God’s blessings for granted, if we are in an usual sin.


We shouldn’t take common sense for granted.

Not many people have common sense. 

We shouldn’t take the life for granted

So true. 

My sister and I  shouldn’t take my family for granted, they are so important for us 

What would we do without family!

We shouln´t take our family for granted

Yes! I love my family!

I work a lot. But my boss takes me for granted. I cannot even breath for a while.

Hello Tim
Acho sempre difícil essa expressão. Normalmente a traduzo como não fazer pouco de algo ou de alguém, estaria correto ?
Don´t take me for granted poderia ser traduzido por Não faça pouco de mim ?
Don´t = não
take me for granted = não dar valor
ficaria não não me dê valor, ou seja, não deixe de me dar valor, não faça pouco de mim…
Enrolado né ? Sobretudo quando a expressão é assim na negativa pois o take for granted já embute um conceito negativo !

We shouldn’t take corruption for granted.

I´ll never take your podcasts for granted because I´ve learned a lot from them 😉

We shouldn’t take Brazil’s corruption for granted

We shouldn’t take the safety for granted.

We shouldn´t take our darling familiars for granted

We shouldn´t take our reviews for granted

I should’t take my job for granted

Tim, sorry, but my first response is wrong.
I shouldn’t take my job for granted.

We shouldn’t take the job for granted.

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