Future Products

Qual deve ser o nosso próximo curso/pruduto? Em qual devemos trabalhar agora? Vote e/ou deixe a sua sugestão no setor de comentários! Muito obrigado!

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email in english

Present Perfect continuous


I love when Tim tell us stories like on this podcast I just listened to about the word ˜regret˜.
I voted to more stories. I need to get my ears used to listen english. (did I write it right way?)

I’ve been a faithful client of yours. I’m an EFL coach, and I’m very fond of your material, especially on phrasal verbs.
So, I’d love to see you guys finish all of your material on PHRASAL VERBS WITH THE LETTERS: Q THROUGH Z.

I would like you talk about advanced English because we Brazilian people need to learn more and more English.

There are many interesting themes listed above, so I’d like to have themes chosen that address the use of everyday English.

Gostaria de ver um produto com inglês técnico para medicina, informática.

Inglês do Dia a Dia (no parque, em casa, com os filhos, etc.)

I Would like you talk some potcasts only English.

It could be basico 3 or intermediate. Thanks

Hello Tim! I’d like to see “Small Talk” and “Everyday english” first. 

Very interesting to have everyday English

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